Keanu Reeves Day

June 16, 2010

Okay, I am a fan of Keanu… did I say fan? No… obsessive stalker of Keanu! I fell in love with him, ever since “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”! And I enjoyed his action movies, like “The Matrix” (all three movies in the series) and “Constantine”. Okay, maybe not every one of his movies were great (not counting the ones mentioned, they’re “excellent”!), but I like the dude! :-D

Anyways, everyone should know of the net meme that’s going around by now, of a very sad-looking Keanu Reeves, sitting on a bench and eating a sandwich. He’s a lot scruffy and looks so depressed. And with his personal problems in his life, fans did become concern… so was I!

So, a FaceBook group was made and a new celebration called, “Cheer Up Keanu Day!”, which was held yesterday, June 15th. (article here – Time Magazine: Cheer Up Keanu Day). I joined the group myself, in support for my fantasy husband. Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she? :-p

But, in reality, Keanu’s representatives say that the star is not depressed. It’s was an mug shot taken out of context, by some sneaky paparazzi.

Meanwhile… I enjoyed the many creative photoshopping on this one forum, of the star’s “sad” situation, on a thread at: Facepunch. There are many talented and funny pics, including one posted of Keanu being surrounded by cats. They’re trying to cheer him up! :-D

NICE! :-)



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  1. […] meme was one of the first posts I had written about here. More on that one here (2010-06-16: Keanu Reeves Day). But this one was most enjoyable, though annoying to some who are not fans of […]

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