FaceBook… Or FakeBook?

June 17, 2010

Yes, I am user of this site. Even so, I do find myself logging into it less and less, lately. When I first joined in early 2008, it was to stay connected with family and friends. Many of my past “friends” came and went, due to some issues (on their part), and there are only four left on my account now. My family contacts are growing, yet none of us really communicate on there… we simply speak face to face offline. :-p

BUT, I have over 100 people on my “Friend List”. And no, my family is not that large! :-o

Without a real reason to be on FaceBook, I fell into the trap of the site, application games… or app games for short. These are fun little games, that encourage a player to work with others, to advance in the game. In fact, it’s impossible to move forward or function much in these games, without a mass number of “neighbors” or “clan members” or “sisters” linked to your player account. Although, in order to add people to your neighbors list, they must be on your FaceBook friend-list. So, even if you have a lot of real-life friends and family on your list, if they don’t click “accept” to your app game invitation then they are not added and useless for the games. :-/

This why it’s common for people (who don’t know each other from a can of paint) to add each other and to gain more neighbors for advancement. Only problem is, now you’ll have a new list of strangers on your account and they can read and comment on everything that you post. Which can be a lot annoying, when you decide to post something that you don’t mind your friends and family knowing, but a stranger stops to add their two cents in on a situation you wouldn’t normally talk to them about. :-(

Not only that, people add strangers for the sheer purpose of the games, and they rarely want to be “friends” or get to know the neighbor they’ve added. They will only speak to you for gaming events and items of advancement. But the real rub is, many have a bad habit for asking for game items and help with events, but when it’s your turn, they’re no where to be seen! :-o

Not only that… with all of these app games, there is a gimmick… Special and nicer items for these games (buildings, avatars, accessories, animals/pets, etc.) cost special currency… app-coins or app-cash. And in order to attain this special currency, you have to pay real-life money, anywhere from $5 USD – $100 USD depending on how many app-coins you need. :-/

And yes, people DO buy the coins/cash, including me! :-o

It’s a very good evil plan. The makers of these games will dangle the items, just out of reach, of very pretty or helpful to advancement items. They advertise over and over, to encourage players to get the coins, using pop-ups in the middle of game-play often. And just when you think you have avoided temptation, one of your neighbors have the item that you’d like to have! So… you rationalize, “It’s just five bucks… just one time!” And your avatar gets something cool to add to their room, house, farm, café, town, or what-have-you. Then the creators come out with more and more items, better and bigger than the items you’ve previously splurged for. So, you break down and spend another five bucks. And before you know it, month by month, you’re spending $10, $20, $30, $40 at one time! Your gaming character is well taken care of, but when you look at your banking statement – you realize how stupid you are for paying so much money for pixels. :-o

Yes, my name is Dani and I am app-game-aholic. :-(

But, recently have avoided temptation, and the last thing I bought was an sushi-bar for my Pet’s house. I think I am done wasting money… I hope! :-p

Although, I am far from being alone on this, as many get sucked into this pyramid scam-like deal. My accounts and avatars are far from being the best of “The Joneses” of these virtual neighborhoods, many spend way more than I could or ever did. :-o

Beside the app game madness, many people just seem fake there, with profile statuses that go in two extremes: Either it’s a statement that tries too hard to give people the impression that one is inspirational or a free-thinker. Or it’s a statement so shallow that it makes you want to cry. :-/

But I guess in all social groups, online and off, there will always be the same social norms that are found in any high-school. There are the shallow types, where image and portraying perfection is their core importance (ie: the cheerleaders, beauty queens, and jocks). And the free-thinking poets, who like to claim enlightenment, a higher intelligence over all, and a deeper soul (the artsy group, the philosophers/debaters). And then there are the odd ducks, who just want to be accepted and get laid (the nerds, geeks, and weirdos). :-p

Did I mention that I HATED high-school???? :-(

But… I stay for the app-games and pretty much stay to myself. :-x





  2. AGREED! :-)
    Now… going to log on to check on my pet. >_>

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