Who Are Your Friends?

June 20, 2010

Friendship is probably one of the most important kind of relationships in life. Scientifically, it’s a fact that a good friendship will enhance ones happiness, health, and well-being. While bad friendships, loneliness, and lack of social interactions are linked to heart disease, viral infections, and cancer. :-(

But not too many people know of the different types of friendships. Here are a few that I’ve had in my lifetime so far. This is not a full list of all types of friendships, but it’s a nice chunk of them. ;-)

Acquaintance – A friend, but without the emotional ties. This is a person that you enjoy chatting with or eating lunch together with, but you don’t share emotional information with.

Best Friend (or Close Friend) – This is someone that you share strong personal ties with. Keeping secrets from each other is rare, as best friends tend to tell each other everything. And in situations, where it may not be comfortable for that person to do so, a best friend will always speak up and tell the other the truth.

BFF (Best Friends Forever) – This title may seem like the same as the above one, but it’s only in rare cases that BFF actually means “close friend”. Actually this has became a cliché term for friendship and a common fad. Everyone is quick to name anyone as their “BFF”, not really getting to know the person well or really becoming an close friend at all. It’s really a status symbol, more than anything else.

Fair-Weather Friends –  Unlike an acquaintance, a fair-weather friend keeps tabs on your emotional well-being, in order to judge when to hang around you or not. When it seem that your mood is changing because of a bad situation in your life (the clouds), a Fair-weather friend will be the first to run out of there! But as soon as the bad situation is resolved and good situations roll in (the sunshine), a Fair-weather friend will return and will expect to revel in your good fortunes.

Frienemy – It’s a blend of the word “friend” and “enemy”. A Frienemy is a person who pretends to be a friend, but they are really an enemy. They pretty much seem nice and very caring, understanding, and everything you would expect from an good close friend. But in the end, they’ll stab you in the back,  and you’ll learn that the person is really a wolf in sheep’s clothing! For example: They’re the types that will help you through a tough break-up with an boyfriend or girlfriend, but will secretly date your ex OR have been dating them all along.

Spiritual Friendship – This is an Buddhist ideal of kalyana-mitra, which is a friendship through common interest and teaching. One person may have more knowledge and experiences than the other, but both people bring something to the friendship. For example, each person kindly teaches the other (“steel sharping steel”), and helps each other grow. A person involved in such a friendship is known as a “good friend,” “virtuous friend,” “noble friend” or “admirable friend”.

I know that having a very good and close friendship, in my life, has not only made me healthier but also happier. And when I once had not-so-good friends or frenemies in my life, I was a lot stressed, unhappy, and emotionally beat up. So, it’s VERY important what kind of friends a person chooses. :-)



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