Religion vs Spirituality

June 29, 2010

First of all, I am Pagan, more so into the Wicca part of Paganism. I wasn’t born or raised Pagan, but I was raised Christian. I became an Ordained Christian Minister at one point, in my past. But, it simply wasn’t the religion for me and I found Wicca at age twenty-two. I’ve never looked back since and enjoy my newfound spirituality. :-)

Though, many seem to believe that Pagans are anti-religious, against anything that doesn’t fit under the Paganism umbrella tree. But that’s a huge myth! Actually, Pagans respect other religions more than anyone else. The reason why is, we have a view that no religion is the one TRUE religion, not even our own. We ALL could be wrong, in any and all religions, OR we ALL could be right. But the main idea is, if a religion isn’t harmful to others or have an doctrine of causing harm to others, then each to his or her own. And almost all religions have the doctrine of love, peace, kindness, and helping thy neighbor. No Pagan would take issue with that. :-)

However, religious doctrine is one thing and extremists are another. And anyone, who is wise enough, can separate the two. I tolerate and respect most religions… but I don’t tolerate or respect fanatics! The attacks in New York,  9-11, was done by religious fanatics. Not Muslims. The Qur’an, the holy book of Islam, does not teach murder or harm to others. So many of us are smart enough to realize that terrorists are terrorist, not a real religion. One doesn’t have anything to do with another. If a crazy man claimed to be the son of God, murdered a lot of people, we wouldn’t then say that all Christians were bad and that Jesus is evil. That wouldn’t make any sense! :-/

When it comes to religion, any of them, there is always some oddball who will mix up the teachings and run something good into the extreme opposite. But this is what sociopaths do and it’s best for people to realize that one (or a small group of) bad apples doesn’t speak for millions.

There are also many who don’t claim themselves to belong to any particular religious group. They claim themselves as “Spiritual, but not religious”. Which I can understand completely. Some view that these people are anti-religious too, but I know better! It’s not always the case that Spiritual people do not like religion itself or have an issue with organized religion. Sometimes a person is just happy with their spiritual state and have no need to attach it to a religion.

Spirituality means to experience the ultimate reality or path in ones life. And that can easily be achieved, without any aid of religion, as spiritually is the “body” and religion is the “house”. We are born with a body, of course, but a house is always optional. :-p

The difference between the two are, Spirituality is natural. We all have it inside of our souls, it’s the passion and drive, the essence of our values and core beliefs. Religion is a written guide, that tells a person what to have passion about, what to believe in, and what to follow. Some of us need the direction and clues of religion… while others are capable on their own, with just Spirituality alone. :-)

Either way, it’s all good, to me. ;-)



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