All We Need Is Love

June 30, 2010

Everyone knows of this word, “love”. Some use it quite easily and others struggle to say the word. Some mistake lust as love and others know the difference between the two. Ah-ah! Sit down, I’m not ranting about jerks who are sex-fiends and can’t commit to real relationships. That’s been overdone. :-p

No, I’m sitting here and thinking that there are so many different types of love in the world. I often get upset and highly annoyed, when people mistake close friendships as a sexual thing. There is more to love than just sex, which I thought would be obvious to anyone. I mean, most of us love our parents, our siblings, our children, our household pets…. but that doesn’t mean that we want to have sex with them. Seesh! :-/

But love is deeper than flesh, I believe. It’s a soul thing. And who we love can be a choice, but it also cannot be helped, at the same time. Love is a very complex thing. It can also be confusing and contradicting too… not to mention painful, at times. We’ve all experience heartbreak in our lives, and some have experienced it more than others. I am grateful that I haven’t experience heartbreak too many times…. not yet. ;-)

There is romantic love, of connecting to a person on a emotional and physical level, pairing up with the hopes of carving out a life together. And yes, some people are not monogamous or want a long term relationship, only enjoying the physical level of romantic love. But, I’m not here to judge or to comment on that. Most people, myself included, look for the whole package of romantic love. And that’s the only thing  that I care to dwell on, is the whole deal that comes with romantic love, not just the sex.

There is Family love, the bound of kinship. Not every family gets along with each other. There are a few relatives in my family, that I don’t care to be around or like, that’s for sure! But of the many relatives that I do like, and love being around, there is a unspoken bound there. It’s basically genetics, this awesome realization that a person is of my blood and vice versa, a mirror into my own habits and quirks. There may not be a lot of people out there, in the world, who can really understand why I don’t like syrup on my eggs or bacon. I must eat those items first before I pour syrup on my pancakes, because if any syrup lands on the bacon or eggs, I can’t eat it. But, my aunt who keeps her food separate on her plate too, will understand this quirk more. ;-)

Love (or Empathy) for others. Just general care and kindness, for others you don’t know, strangers. When a person is thoughtful enough to hold a door open for someone else, or help a person with their bags, or donate to a charity, these are examples of love. This more true, if a person helps their fellow human being for no particular reason, only for the sake of helping! Of course, some argue that people only help to feel a boost of pride for themselves or to follow some religious doctrine. Maybe that is true, for some. But the fact is, to care for another, who is a complete stranger, is a sign of love.

Of course, there is Friendship love, which I post about… A LOT. It always irks me when I have to explain that it’s not a sexual thing, having a close friend. Actually, close friendships have a similar feeling of family to them. The only difference is, the persons involved in this relationship are not blood-related or share genes. But this is an important relationship in life, nonetheless. Good friendships can benefit all the rest of the relationships, between family and a significant other. When you have a good friend in the world, you are happier and more positive, which some of that energy falls onto the rest of the people around you. :-)

There is Puppy love, and no, this isn’t about household pets! It’s basically an crush on a person, like I have for Keanu Reeves. It starts at a very young age (mine started when I was 12 years old!) and it’s highly superficial. I don’t know the actor’s personal faults (He has none, as far as I’m concerned!!!! So there!!!!), therefore the love that I feel for him isn’t real at all. You can’t really love a person, without knowing and accepting their faults too. Even though I have loved this man for YEARS, I do know that it’s highly superficial. I believe that his acting is great, that he is highly attractive, and any other charms that is perceived are from fiction  (the characters that he plays) rather than fact. Yes, I admit it… my love for Keanu is shallow, at best. :-p

There are many kinds of love in life. It can be the greatest feeling in the world! It can also make you miserable. Love can make you smile and it can make you cry. Love can be comforting, but it can also hurt sometimes. Either way, I don’t regret my experiences in love. :-)



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