The Way Of A Leaf

July 5, 2010

I was not remotely interested in this manga named “Naruto”. In fact, I had planned to avoid it altogether, as my thought of ninjas have been that they were all blood-thirsty paid assassins, with no ties or loyalty to anyone, besides the worth of a coin and how much they would get to kill off a person. In the Ninjas vs. Pirates argument, I’ve always chosen Pirates… :-p

But, my best friend kept being a pain… bugging me to read the manga with him… over and over again…. waking me up in the middle of the night with strange Naruto messages on my cell-phone, leaving Naruto notes in my mailbox, and sending Naruto themed flowers to my job… How he got that Naruto poster on the ceiling above my bed, I’ll never know! :-o

Kidding… heehee… but he did whine A LOT, for me to read the manga. ;-)

Finally, I broke down and read it… my arms folded the whole time, swearing that I wouldn’t like it! :-/

But…. and I grudgingly admit this… I do like Naruto. It’s not a bad manga, at all. I can related to how Naruto grew up, that loneliness and darkness, I know it well. And most of all, the way of this ninja village – it’s moral code and beliefs, mirrors my own personal codes. So, I guess not all ninjas are ruthless and heartless killers for hire. :-p

This manga is about a boy named Naruto, who has an fox-demon sealed away within him, called The Nine Tails. He lives in a village of ninjas, learning to become  an ninja, along with other adolescents who wish to be one too. But his grand wish is to get stronger, becoming Hokage (leader) of this ninja village (Hidden Leaf) someday.

This manga has the action that matches that of “Trigun”, also the deep messages and emotionality of “Fruits Basket”. So, if you are a fan of either anime/manga, you will enjoy Naruto. :-)

ALSO… there’s a cutie in this one, that I can’t help loving… his name is Hatake Kakashi! That’s the white hair guy, on the far right of the photo above. And in this one too:

 Sigh… I also added a music video of him, in my Vodpod collections (see the right side bar of this blog, under the calendar. –>)




  1. Please at least say that there are spoilers ahead, i haven’t read naruto and you just ruined it for me!


    • Ha! I did not, you BRAT! XD

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