Of Truth And Lies

July 6, 2010

“Lie To Me” is a new show on FOX, which I have been getting into lately. It’s a show about a man, Dr. Cal Lightman, and his team who specialize in knowing when a person is lying. The tag line of this show is, “The truth is written all over our faces”.

Basically, each episode features a criminal or client that Cal must investigate, where he is to expose the lies and scandals of a situation just by reading the facial cues or gestures of the person. Though, Dr. Lightman himself is a bit edgy and breaks the rules often, also finding himself in some very dangerous situations in the pursuit of finding the truth. He makes for a very curious character, as in one episode, when he is being sworn in as a specialist for a trial, he stops to say, “Nobody can tell the whole truth, it’s subjective, and passes through our own filters.” The judge is annoyed and asks, “How about you promise to be honest to the best of your ability?” Cal answers, “Now you’re talking!”. ;-)

I am enjoying the 2nd Season, but there was a brief fear that the show would be canceled. In fact, I was pretty sure that it would be, as FOX tends to get rid of the very good shows, unless they get popular really fast. And even then, there was a time that The Family Guy was canceled and had to be picked up on the Cartoon Network… and that’s an insanely popular show! :-o

But FOX did finally bring back Lie To Me, and I am keeping my fingers crossed on this show. I do hope it makes it and stay on the air, for many seasons. :-)

Who doesn’t want the ability to be able to tell if a person is being truthful or not? As abilities go, this is a pretty awesome one, so watching a show about a human lie detector is fun. I believe that everyone should at least watch an episode of this show, once. It’s very fascinating and they do clue the viewer in on which facial gestures gave the person away, using snapshots of real liars (celebrities, infamous criminals, and politicians) as an example.

This show makes you think! :-)



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