Politics – Parlor Tricks!

July 8, 2010

I love using my brain and figuring out opposing sides to any one argument. This is why I have a love for the law and also the flow of a courtroom  proceeding. I also don’t mind real debates, where there is a moderator, and each opponent have to follow set rules on debating the topic.

Politics may seem a lot like debating or courthouse proceedings, but it’s not. Politicians have the option to attack each other, during campaigning, and also it’s common for them to LIE. :-(

In a formal debate, it’s against the rules to lie or make it up as one goes along. Also attacking the other opponent (or yourself!) is a huge no-no! Doing so, will cause you to be disqualified! And the same goes for lawyers in courtrooms, they’re not allowed to personally attack each other (Prosecutor against Defense Attorney) and they can get reprimanded by the Judge for doing so. Also lying or misrepresenting evidence to the court carries some VERY serious consequences, including an lawyer losing their license, if not being sentenced to some jail-time too! :-/

But, in politics, a politician can and do get away with making false promises, misrepresenting themselves, and also spreading untrue rumors about the next guy. And the general public, we the voters, often put up with this… even though it’s not accepted on a high-school debate team or inside of a courtroom. :-o

I have no political party that I belong to. You’ve heard me! I have no ties one party or another, never did. And until the last election, I didn’t even vote or was registered to. So, why did I decide to get registered and vote, finally at the age of 28? Because I was tired of Bush’s antics and complained the whole time, during his Presidency. I had decided to get off my dusty butt, stop complaining, and DO SOMETHING about it!

I registered first, and THEN I carefully checked out the candidates and listened carefully to what each party were offering. I had no party, still don’t, but I just didn’t want to whine for another four years about some jerk in The White House. Obama had the best arguments and promises, so I voted for him. Plus, McCain screwed up by choosing a bimbo for his running mate, showing that he had very poor judgment. Had he not, McCain would have won, I am certain! :-p

But… alas… politics are politics. No matter who the person is, their race, their background, or even their gender, the fact is that politics are simply tricks and gimmickes…. Some politicians of the past did try and made an effort to keep their promises, as history shows that. But they never seem to keep ALL or every single one of them. These were just promises to get votes. :-/

In the next election, I’m not sure who I’ll be voting for. It could be Obama again or someone else. It depends on how many campaign promises are met, before the next term, if any will be.

This is why I don’t like politics… because what you vote for, rarely is what you get. Like the mirror warns, “Objects may appear larger than what they actually are”… :-p



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