Tea, Anyone?

July 9, 2010

This is an old rant, that I posted on reddit, months ago. Of course, not many were interested in it, or voted for it, or commented. Only my crazy friend, which him and I had a mock-fight in comments (totally hilarious!) on it, only in sheer boredom of the site. :-p

But, I do believe that my argument have some merit, even if it’s just what I feel and see about it. So, I’m posting it here, where it belongs… in my own stash of opinions and beliefs. Oh… and tea-baggers beware! You won’t like this one, so please DO leave this page now…  and never return! You’ve been warned. :-p

To Hell With Tea-Baggers!

Just another sign that the world is slipping into madness… I never thought I would ever wince at the term, “Tea Party” before…. or just the mere mention of the word, “tea”. :-o

I admit it, I’m not all that girly and I’ve only enjoyed a few tea parties growing up. It was fun with the little pink tea-set that my mother gave me, for about fifteen minutes… before I abandoned the dolls and my little sister at the table, to go hunting for bugs in the garden, a mayonnaise jar with holes punched into it’s lid.

As I got older, I learned about The Boston Tea Party in history class,  and it was a very fun read for me! First, any defiance against authority is “AWESOME” to a kid. Second, it was a start of an American Revolution, of this country’s freedom from the rule of England, and it’s tax on tea! The event STOOD FOR SOMETHING REAL, in other words.

But this new “Tea Party” gang, imho, is a joke! A bunch of rich and white bratty kids, and their elders, using a good example of what it means to be an American for an their own whiny agendas. They are mostly all born “privileged”, with a silver spoon in their mouths, complaining that their taxes may have to be a bit more, to the point that they can’t buy that extra diamond tiara they wanted or that extra new yacht. Poor babies!!!

Meanwhile, they support stupid-ass laws, that affect the working class citizens of the country. Not to mention laws that step on the civil rights of others, like the horror that was born in Arizona, of the state adopting an racial profiling law of harassment and racial targeting! I guess, there isn’t enough brown-people who are rich enough to join the Tea-Baggers, so of course they  would only care about their own, as they support this law with smug smiles!

Funny thing is, the colonists of the original Tea Party were all blue-colored, working class citizens, who didn’t want to be taxed by England, because it would drained their livelyhood… not that their expensive taste would have to take a backseat, during this tough economic time!

For the rest of us, who have to cut back, pay our taxes, and having to come down to, “Can we do with less food, or without an utility this month, to make it by with the rent or mortgage?” Or those who are in more dire straights, trying to figure out when they will lose their houses or jobs, or both! It seems very arrogant, selfish, and immature that the Tea Baggers are not just shutting up and paying their taxes, doing without a trip to New Zealand or any high-priced vacation this year, and being glad that they have food on their table, cars in their huge garage, a huge house over their heads, and all the utilities that they can afford. Everyone is being pinched by the screw-up of the last administration, big bankers, and wall street brokers. But, I guess they can’t live like the rest of us, without those extra perks to being rich… of spending whatever, paying an laughable size tax for their income, and ruling the country. Apparently, they should be exempt from having to adjust their lives a little, like the rest of us have to, in order to make it by in today’s economy!

So they gather up and take a name and example of something noble, mucking up that great name of a key event in American’s History. And for what? Because the rich doesn’t want to be taxed, but it’s okay if the working class and the poor to get taxed and have to make do? :-(

So, for now, whenever I hear the word “tea”, see an bottle of Snapple green-tea (or worse yet, a can of Arizona tea!!!), or I see an tea-set… I pretty much grumble like Sideshow Bob, after he’s stepped on a rake! Pretty sad, that the world has come to this… =p

Thanks for reading my rant. ;-)



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