The Sixty-Billion Double Dollar Man

July 15, 2010

An oldie,  but an goodie… “Trigun” is the name of this anime and manga. I’m a huge fan of it’s main character, “Vash: The Stampede”, so much that I’ve named my cat Vash. :-)

This anime takes place on a futuristic desert planet, that resembles the wild western days.Vash is called “The Stampede”, and he is mostly feared by all, because whole towns and cities happen to be destroyed when he’s passing through them. That’s why there is an huge reward on his capture, dead or alive, of sixty-billion double dollars!

But the real truth of it is, Vash is not the monster that everyone believes he is… he’s actually a pacifist and had this rule to never kill anyone, even in battle. Towns and cities happen to be destroyed by accident or when his foes come after him, having no regard for the town’s property or human life. Vash himself is a very unlikely hero, as he’s goofy, a womanizer, and have a love for donuts! He’s easily sentimental and will cry at the drop of a hat.

However, in his battle skills and hidden abilities, Vash is no one to fool with! He may not kill you… but he will kick your ass, and have you on the ground repeating his favorite motto, “This world is made of love and peace!” ;-)

I have read most of the manga, but I have seen all of the anime. Usually the manga is better than the anime, when it comes to manga vs. anime,  but not for Trigun. I personally liked the anime more than the manga, not to mention the soundtrack for this anime. I did rush out and buy “The First Donut” cd, when it had first hit stores, some years back. I haven’t regret it, as I enjoy many of this album’s tracks, which brings back great memories of the anime.

Love and Peace!



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