School Daze!

July 22, 2010

I am in love with this manga, named “Oresama Teacher”. I began reading it in Febuary of this year, and I look forward to the new issues, every month. ;-)

It’s a story about a girl named Mafuyu Kurosaki, who was the toughest and the leader of her school gang, always winning fights (single-handedly) against rival gangs of seven guys or more. But, she fell into major trouble for fighting at school and was sent away to a school for reforming delinquents. Her mother is highly disappointed and threatens to disown her, if she doesn’t reform and become a good a proper young woman. So, Mafuyu cuts her hair (she’s the one with gray hair, in the photo above) and makes a goal to start her new year in the deliquent school as a sweet little girl, wanting to be more feminine.

However, in this school of very rough students and several gangs within it, she is being pulled back into her old gang-life. She meets two mysterious guys, Hayasaka and Takaomi. She struggles with the issues of love, of trying to stay out of trouble so her mother won’t disown her, and balancing her habit of getting into fights at school. :-p

This manga is a lot hilarious! And I identify with Mafuyu, in many ways. No, I was never the one to get into many fights at school, but I understand the high demands she had faced in her past and now in her present. She’s just a girl trying to find her way in life, to have friends, and to stay out of trouble… yet trouble always seem to find her! Especially with Takaomi around. ;-)



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