I Don’t Need Your Pity

July 27, 2010

The hazard of sharing my feelings and stories with others online, is that sometimes I get pity in return. I don’t share my experiences to get pity and I CAN’T STAND pity! I also don’t care for sympathy either, only if I’m depressed and having my own pity party, then sympathy is a step up! :-p

What I don’t mind is EMPATHY, and if a person can learn something from my scribbles, it’s a bonus for me! ;-)

And you may be thinking now, “Pity, Sympathy, Empathy… Aren’t these all the same?” No, they are all different. Of course, I’m going to explain how and why in this post… It’s my way of doing things. Let me start with the best one of these emotions. ;-)

Empathy – It’s the ability to co-experience and related to thoughts and situations of another person, without those thoughts or feelings being expressed by that other person. It’s being able to put yourself in that person’s shoes (or perspective), feeling what they feel and seeing what they see, without that other person having to go into long explanations. Also a lot of time, the other person doesn’t have to say a thing, you can see it on their face and notice the change in emotions too. Empathy is what causes close-relationships and bounds. It’s an emotion most experienced around friends, family, and community ties.

Sympathy – Is an ability to understand and support an emotional situation of another. But there is a lot of care, protection, and charity involved in it. It’s the feeling of caring for someone, because you believe that they cannot fix the problem themselves. A sympathetic person may play the role of being the “savior”, of rushing in to help the perceived victim. This emotion is often found in relation to the poor, helpless, or less fortunate.

Pity – This is sometimes a contemptuous emotion, of very tender sorrow for another person. There is no understanding behind it. And sometimes it can come off a little condescending to the person being pitied. In other words, it like the rich King, on this high horse, tossing a crust of bread to the peasants, while patting himself on the back for it. :-/

Apathy – This is the state of complete indifference to anyone’s emotional situation or thought. Understanding or care is non-existent in a person with apathy. Also, the efforts of “pity” cannot even be reached, for the person who has apathy. It’s just a blank state of non-emotion for anyone and everyone.

I don’t write or share to gain any emotions, to be honest. I don’t mind Empathy, of course. I mean, who would? It’s a nice emotion and it can start relationships and close bounds with others. But I don’t write specifically to get Empathy, that is never my goal. My goal is to empty my brain of the randomness within it, so I can better remember more important tasks and information in my life, like birth-dates and people’s names. :-)

And I DON’T write to get Pity, Apathy, or Sympathy. You can just keep those emotions to yourself! :-p



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