Good Morning!

July 29, 2010

I have my usual morning routine, which is subject to change, as life changes. The unexpected happens every now and then, which changes my routines to my mornings. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad. And sometimes I simply stayed up too late, the night before, and my mornings start off late. But for the past year, this have been my morning norm. Yes, this a post about my simple daily routine, my usual mornings from Monday – Friday. Feel free to exit, if you’re not interest in one silly girl’s routine. ;-)

At 7:00am, either the sun has risen or it’s still dark outside for another hour, it’s depends on the season. The sun rises early in the mornings in the Summer and Spring, but rises past 8am or later in the Autumn and Winter months. Either way, my cell-phone alarm goes off at this time, which I roll over in bed toward the nightstand and hit the snooze button a couple of times. It’s really around 7:40-7:45am, that I finally hit the “dismiss” button and sit up in bed.

Once I’m half-awake, sitting in bed, I grumble to myself. This is usually when I grab a cigarette and light it. But since I’ve been quit for some months now, I sigh and stumbled off to the bathroom, zombie-style. I wash up, brush my teeth, all of that good stuff. By the time I make it back to my room, I’m sorta awake, but not quite. :-p

As the coffee is brewing, I set up my laptop and turn it on. The first place I visit is my email inbox. I reply to a few, still half sleepy, and then log onto FaceBook. As that screen is loading, I open my iTunes program and select the play-list of the day. I reply to messages on FB, comment or give a “thumbs up” to a few people’s statues, and return app-game gifts. Then I chat with my mother for a short while, downstairs in the sunlit kitchen, while sipping coffee.

By 9am or later, I come to this blog and post something for the day. Sometimes I have it pre-written, the night before… but often it’s on the fly. So really, a lot of the things posted here are my morning brain-farts. You lucky readers, you. :-p

Next, I get to my usual work on the computer, for my mother’s company or for some other company. But my cheer doesn’t start until 10am, when my best friend logs online and the tomfoolery began! I chat with him, for the rest of the day and that is the highlight of my week. :-)

So, what do I do on the weekends? I sleep a lot and play video games. Ah… the life of a slacker is sweet, sometimes. ;-)



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