ARGGGGG! Just Venting…

August 2, 2010

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by social situations. I’m pretty sure my anxiety disorder plays a small role in it. Also, I’m socially retarded, just a little… and I have no idea of all the social-rules, norms, nor do I understand it all. I’m also a bit paranoid and little bit crazy. :-p

Yes, I am overly opinionated at times, especially on this blog (Hey, this is my own playground to say whatever, so why not?). And I may give off the vibe that I’m super confident, which I am not. Or that I think I’m better than anyone else, which I do not think that at all. Even now, this is me apologizing for the very honest rant I’m about to post, even though it is my real feelings and I am entitled to it. Though, I don’t want to hurt the feelings of others, even though they have no qualms in hurting mine… and they would do so (and have), faster than I can blink too! :-/

I am tired of the “bitchy” girl personas, that thing that females do, of pretending to be sweet and kind, but their actions and words suggest otherwise. They are the types to smile at you and say, “Love your dress!” But just as quickly add in, “But hate your shoes.” This is why I hang around males mostly, as they’re not so sneaky! If they don’t like me or think what I’m wearing is crap, they will simply say, “Dude, you suck!” and leave it at that. Less psychological warfare with males. I know where I stand with them, from the door, and less “reading between the lines” of diva-tude.

True, I do know a handful of decent and REAL women in my life, online and off. And I am grateful to know them. But, I really got to kick those OTHERS  out of my circle, as they often leave me feeling agitated for the rest of the day! “Are you ready, boots? Start walkin’!” ;-)

Another thing is, I’m sure that I’m becoming more and more anti-social these days. Not only for the women acting like idiots, but for the idiotic males too. I’m not in a relationship, nor looking, or will ever be looking for many years to come. I’ve got out a very bad relationship a year ago, and decided that I needed a VERY LONG break from the dating scene. And NO, that doesn’t translate that I’m into one-night-stands either! And even if I were to date, the clueless guys who won’t take no for an answer, would NEVER be considered. They are all well below my standards and I’m not looking for an “fixer-upper”, no thanks! So, if you’re one of my stalker guys, reading this, get the hint! NO, NEVER, and OVER MY DEAD BODY! Leave me alone, or I may just get rude and belligerent next! (Yes… this is not me being belligerent yet. So, just imagine…) And stop reading my blog!!! You’re not invited!

Sigh… I would like to run away to an island sometimes. With only the nice women and men I know. It would be five people in general, my best friend is the coolest in that party. But I never needed a crowd, anyways. I just want some peace! …Whew, done ranting. ;-)

And… if you’re thinking of that “b”-word to describe me, fine. Get in line, behind the divas and the creepy-stalker guys. You wouldn’t be the first nor the last to think that. And I believe that you all should form some type of club, have secret membership cards, and handshakes. Just leave me alone and bitch, er, complain about me behind my back all you want. Have fun! :-p



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