I’m Easy!

August 4, 2010

Ha! My best friend often says that I am easy. No, not easy in THAT way, but I am easily impressed and amused. Many people don’t realize this, as I have such high standards for myself. Also for dating too, but that’s a whole different issue. But for getting the emotions of being impressed with someone or amused by them, it doesn’t take much. ;-)

I grew up poor, with very little toys to play with. The other kids of my neighborhood had fancy gadgets, toys that light up or talked, and massive dollhouses. I didn’t have those things, so me and my sister had to entertain ourselves in the most basic of ways. Soap bubbles, balloons, and collecting leaves and rocks. Also lots of drawing with pencil and scrap paper. And sometimes we were lucky to get a box of cheap crayons to share. By the time I was age 15, my family was suddenly wealthy, and I had all the toys and gadgets as everyone else did. But, I still kept my child-like wonder with the most basic of things.

So, being amused with another person is very easy. They don’t have to be the best comedian in the world or crack jokes all the time (that’s MY thing!). All it takes is honest humor and honest conversations, and that  is enough to amuse me… also, I still have a love for balloons and soap bubbles. :-p

As for being impressed, it’s a lot more to it, yet nothing all the same. :-)

I am NOT impressed with money, huge career statuses, or what a person own. I never was, and when I was finally able to afford the things that others had (video games, gadgets, cell-phones, fancy clothes, name brand shoes, etc.), I saw items as just items. It doesn’t impress me, at all. You have stuff and I have stuff… so what? :-/

What impress me is always a person’s true character, the good and the bad. And it impresses me MORE, if the good outweighs the bad. I’m more impressed with the person, who does the right thing, even though no one could fault them for doing the wrong thing, in an dire situation. The person who can pick and choose their own battles, mainly choosing the battles that are worth it, is the person that I’m impressed with! Showing discipline and self-control is what I admire most in someone.

Passion is another trait that earns my admiration. No matter what it is, it could be a passion in creating sculptures out of garbage from the streets! Even if no one buys it and neighbors are complaining of the smell, I still am impressed by a person’s drive to keep creating something that speaks to their soul, and not giving up in the face of people not “getting it” or understanding the art. If a person continues with their passions, even if it’s misunderstood or not accepted by their peers, then they have my deepest respect. :-)

Although, I will not be stopping by their place any time soon, or staying for long if I do visit. Ewww, garbage! But, still… impressed by their passion. :-p

I am easily impressed by the care that someone has for another, rather than just themselves. In this world today, so many people only care about themselves, “me, me, me, me, me!”. The world is beginning to sound like a choir warming up for a huge song. I am often happy to see when a person cares for others, family and friends. I often want to stop and cheer for that person (and sometimes I do with those that I know of), encouraging them to keep it up! :-)

I am impressed when a person does something brave, within their lives, for themselves or for others. It can be as simple as making a positive life-changing decision (like asking for/seeking help in therapy, quitting an addiction, etc.), or facing one’s fears. Being brave doesn’t mean that the person doesn’t feel afraid, it means doing it anyway, in spite of that fear. When people are brave, they automatically get my admiration and I do applaud them, literately.

I am impressed when a person has a job or is currently in school, working toward a career. The job or career goal never has to be huge or glamorous. Titles don’t impress me. But the simple fact that a person can take care of themselves financially is a very good thing. I know too many “leeches” who can’t pay for anything and often live on the backs of others. A person trying their best to be self-sufficient is always a good thing, in my eyes.

I know, this sounds like things that anyone can do or what people do in their daily lives already. But, these are the traits and qualities in a person that impresses me. I am easy, in that way. ;-)



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