Music Is My Life

August 9, 2010


For as long as I could remember, music has been a part of my life. My mother used to sing – a lot! – to me and my siblings, starting from when we were babies. Although, she is not the greatest singer in the world, which I have also inherited. :-p

But from a very young age, I always had an ear for music, even if my voice never matches it. At least, I know the fact that my own singing voice sucks (due to my own ear and I can hear that I sound like nails on a chalboard. I can never quite catch those high notes!), so you won’t see me on American Idol making a fool out of myself. But I may appear on MTV’s show, “Jackass”. Kidding… that show has long been canceled! ;-)

Music is always on my mind and in my life, even without the help of radio, Walkman, cd, or mp3 player. I don’t need a gadget to enjoy music. In summer power-outages, I rarely get to use one, as radios and cd players don’t work. And my i-pod is rarely charged, when it happens, so I mostly have a limited time to listen to a few songs before it goes dead. Yet, I always hear music in my head, even at times when a portable isn’t an option.

I also sing, even though I do it badly, to myself and by myself. I sing when I’m extra happy, I sing when I’m afraid, I sing when I am lonely, and I sing when I’m sad too. When I am way too nervous, I began to hum a tune, not realizing it a lot of times… and in public too! When I catch myself doing that, I am instantly embarrassed and more anxiety happens. :-o

Music brings me comfort and calms me down when I am upset. It’s also the added spice to an awesome day!  Because I’ve turned to music often in my life, my musical tastes to break many genre barriers. Except for country and rap, I enjoy many genres of music, old and new, from mainstream to the very weird! :-)

But nothing is more powerful to me, than when I can sing in the face of adversity. When I am facing a difficult situation in my life, I do go to my room, curl up in bed, and sing a song or two. It helps me think and face my troubles, surviving through it all. Music clears my mind and makes my soul smile. :-)



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