A Classical Game!

August 11, 2010

I had first heard about this game, a few years back, in a Anime magazine. It mentioned that it featured the music of Frederic Francios Chopin and I knew I HAD to get this game! I have been a fan of the composer, ever since my teen years of learning how to play the piano. Any mention of Chopin and I’m in, whatever it is. So, I bought Eternal Sonata, for the Playstation 3! :-D

When I got the game, knowing that I would hear many of my favorites, I had no idea about the story, characters, or game-play. I usually look that part up, before buying ANY game, because a bad plot or characters do ruin any RPG (role-playing game) for me. I don’t care about graphics and I can suffer bad music (although I KNEW that the music wouldn’t be awful in this one!), but if the story and characters are bad, then a game is useless to me.

But, I was surprised to learn that this game was not bad in it’s story. Not the greatest (because I am a Final Fantasy brat!), but out of ten, I give it an 8. The characters are all named after musical terms (like Allegretto, Beat, Viola, and Count Waltz), which can get a little annoying. And some of the dialog can rival some of the bad dialog of “Devil May Cry” or “Silent Hill”. But the heart and personalities of these characters are pretty neat. I give the characters, based on originality, 7 out of 10.

But the coolest thing in this game ever, is that at every chapter of the game, there is an information bubble on the origin and creation of one of Chopin’s masterpieces. So, it plays as part of an biography of the famous composer and how his most famous scores came to be. Before I had played this game, I didn’t know that one of my favorites, “Fantaisie – Impromptu, Op. 66”, almost never saw the light of day. As Chopin never attended to have it published, but his best friend did so for him, after his death. :-o

So, it’s not a bad game to get, if you are a fan of Chopin and his works. And if not, it is still not a bad game in general. It will keep you very entertained. Especially the round, where you have to play the song “Nocturne No. 2, Op. 9”, to get though to the next level. And it’s not so easy to do! :-)



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