For Peace Sake!

August 16, 2010

I really had something else in mind for this Monday morning. But, I logged onto FaceBook and saw a very disturbing post from a generally nice woman on there. The post said (I’m paraphrasing, because the woman took it down):

If you find that building a mosque just yards away from Ground Zero is insulting and hurtful to the memory of those who’ve died on 9/11, and for their families…  And if you find that politicians are not doing enough to stop this, repost this!

It was a little disturbing to see that on her page, this morning. Granted she didn’t write it, only copy and pasted it from those who did write it. And three people on her list gave it an thumbs up! But one person commented, explaining that a lot of people in their family are Muslim. And that their relatives didn’t agree with what happened on 9-11 and felt sick that it had happened at all. The simple truth is that no real Muslim would agree with 9-11, as that type of violence and destruction is against the teachings of the Qur’an, the holy book of the Muslim faith. The terrorists of 9-11 are NOT real Muslims nor speak for that religion, whatsoever. Those monsters were religious fanatics. It’s the same as in, Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple is not the representative of all Christianity. And it’s up to all of us to be smart enough to learn and know the difference between fanatics and actual religion.

I do understand the pain, the fear, and the anger of those who’ve lost someone in 9-11. Maybe not personally, because I haven’t lost anyone that day, only my sense of safety and peace within this country. Yes -before you argue it- myself, siblings, parents, and grandparents were all born in the US and proud to be an American. But after 9-11, the fear of terrorists on planes, trains, and buses continue. And I do believe that we Americans do fear another 9-11 attack. However, if my family was killed that day, I know that I would not be alright today. My family is EVERYTHING to me. So, I can understand the fear and anger against anything associated with that horrible day. The terrorists claimed to be Muslim, and even though it’s NOT TRUE, sometimes it’s hard to separate anger from the lies and see the truth. :-(

Though, I feel sad for both parties involved in this, those who’ve lost people on that day and for the real Muslims. I do remember watching a man that day, wondering the streets of NY on a live news report, crying and angry because he couldn’t find his wife. He thought she may be still in the burning towers, at the time. And then the towers collapsed, forcing him to flee with others to a ferry. Once there, he got a call from his wife, she was okay! But, the painful stories of those who weren’t so lucky, it still resonate with me.

And I also cry for those Muslim who have to fear being hurt or physically attacked (if not only verbally), forced to be the scape-goats for what an outside group of monsters did that day. I believe that blame and prosecution should only lie on the offenders only, not on the doorsteps of those who love this country and was not a part of the fanatics group.

As for building a Mosque near Ground Zero, I believe it’s a good idea, personally. The terrorist sought out to cause fear and chaos, also to cause us all to draw lines in the sand against each other. So far, their plan is seeming to work, as there are many heated protest against this Mosque and some are starting to spread hate across FaceBook. And nice people, who generally wouldn’t think this way (or so I would hope) are getting swept up into the frenzy of it all. If people aren’t able to overcome their hurt and fear of 9-11, protesting a Mosque and against the religion itself (with ignorance of the truth), then this will be a bright and beaming sign to all the terrorists in the world that we -as a nation- have been defeated. That we’re still crippled by that day, to the point we can’t see up from down anymore, and are turning on each other over what the terrorists have done to all of  us. And it’s all sad, to me, to think that we’re showing the world that we’re still afraid and ignorant in our own fears. :-(

However, if the Mosque is allowed to be built and Muslim are allowed to worship (in peace!), it is a sign that America is healing. And that we’re getting stronger and not allowing the vile acts of terrorists to tear us apart, to separate Americans from Americans, like the terrorists had sought out to do!

In all of this, I keep thinking of that song I loved to sing as a little girl:

If I had a hammer
I’d hammer in the morning
I’d hammer in the evening
All over this land
I’d hammer out danger
I’d hammer out a warning
I’d hammer out love between my brothers and my sisters
All over this land

It may be a bit hippy and childish to many… but I hope to never lose the kindness, the inner peace, and the innocence of a child. I do hope and wish for understanding for all people of all races, for every creed, and for all religions! I know that such a wonderful thing may not ever come into being, in my lifetime. But it doesn’t mean that I can’t wish and dream it. :-)


(By the way – I live in Pennsylvania. So I assure you, I’m not some girl in California, many miles away, speaking on something that didn’t come too close to where I live. Just thought to add that in. :-p)



  1. I agree with you 100%. The funny part is that it’s going to be a Muslim community center. It’s supposed to be more like a YMCA than a mosque. The other irony is that there already is a mosque not far from ground zero that’s been there for long time. I also feel like the Muslim people are being made the scapegoats for everything that’s going wrong, which is really stupid. It feels like discriminating against Muslims is not only acceptable, but is almost encouraged by some. This puts not only Muslims at risk, but also people of other walks of life that some might falsely believe are Muslim because of the way they look. There have been people killed because of the misconception that all people of Middle Eastern descent are Muslim. I would think that humanity would have learned by now that discrimination and stereotyping of any group for another’s mistake will only destroy not make things better.

    • It is a shame. I know for a fact, before 9-11, no one gave a second look or notice to any Muslims. And the other Mosque near Ground Zero is proof that, once upon a time, no one minded a Mosque being in their neighborhood. But when the terrorist hit us, everything changed and suddenly Muslims were put under a microscope of fear and wrongful suspicion. I do hope that history isn’t repeating itself, with a religion being the target of hate, fear, and hysteria… like in 1682, Salem, Massachusetts. :-/

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