Hello, My Readers!

August 23, 2010

Hiyas! It’s been a while since I’ve stopped and addressed my readers (all five of them!) directly. And so, here I go. ;-)

Hello, you wonderful ladies and one dude, who likes to read my random scribblings! And… oh, yeah… thanks for reading, mom.  *blushing*

I write for me, for my own entertainment, but it’s nice when others take a interest in what I write here. So I have to give a cheer and my thanks to you ladies and one gentleman, who do take the time out of your busy day to read such nonsense that goes inside one silly girl’s mind. :-)

Now, some of you may be wondering…. “Why aren’t some of your posts about real issues?” Well, the simple truth is, I’m not always a serious person. So, from time to time (if not often), you will see a random post like this one, that’s  not serious at all. It’s the whole point of this blog (and the reason why I tore down my other personal blog), because I’d like to have fun this time around.

I am flattered, if you enjoy my more “serious” posts about political issues, religion, or on relationships. But, this blog is not meant to be a self-help book or a free therapy stop. In fact, I’m not licensed to give out a professional opinions, so it’s best to seek real therapy if you need it. And most of my rantings are just “good common sense” or knowledge that I’ve gained from my elders. I swear to you, I am no Guru or have sacred knowledge about life or world issues beyond any other average Joe (or Jane) out there.

So, the short answer is… my posts change with my moods. Sometimes I’m serious, sometimes I’m pissed, and sometimes I’m just silly. :-)

Thanks for reading!



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