A Life Of Sims

August 24, 2010

For those who don’t know, The Sims is a life-simulation computer game, where you create the characters and run their lives. You can create a Sim to look like you or the opposite, single or married, fat or skinny. I have been a fan of The Sims, since the original game was released back in 2000. But the Sims have come a far ways from where I started! :-)

I am now enjoying the latest of the version, The Sims 3, and it’s expansion packs “Ambitions” and “World Adventures”. In The Sims 3, you have the ability to choose the different traits of your created Sim’s personality. For example, I’ve made my female Sim with traits of: “brave”, “artistic”, “bookworm”, “friendly”, and with one flaw of “over-emotional”. And the male Sim (husband), I’ve made him with the traits of: “brave”, “artistic”, “virtuoso” (which means he loves music a lot), “friendly”, and the flaw of “neurotic”. It makes for a very interesting couple! :-p

The wife became a great writer, who loves to write best selling books. And the husband became a great music composer for movies. I kid you not, this is in the game! As I’ve said, this game have come a long way from it’s start, where the only option for career was “newspaper reporter” and “rock star”. Now the careers are a lot more specific, with other options. And they get more specific still, with the expansion pack of “Ambitions”, where you can opt to be a fire-fighter, ghost hunter,  or sculptor, if you like.

So, my Sim-couple have pretty impressive careers, but what about the flaws? Well, the wife tends to have huge reactions to most things. When she is happy, she cheers openly. And when something is sad, she will cry… A LOT. And the husband, with the “neurotic”  flaw, tends to freak-out at random. The couple could be in a cab, heading for the movie cinema, and he will scream the whole ride there. At home, it’s quiet and my wife-Sim is on her laptop, writing her next best selling novel. Out of no where, the husband walks up behind her chair and screams, scaring both my Sim and myself! Hey, it was quiet and I had no idea that he was going to do that! :-p

Another neat thing is, with the expansion pack of “World Adventures”, my Sim-couple can travel to China, France, or Egypt for vacation. And in these very awesome environments, Sims can raid ancient tombs for treasures, shop for souvenirs, or learn songs that are commonly enjoyed by the natives. For example, my wife-Sim learned a cute song from her new friend in China. When the couple  flew home, she taught it to her husband. Now they both sing and hum it, while doing the dishes or the laundry. :-)

And yes, with “Ambitions”, Sims can do laundry! In real life, I am a laundry nut, so this feature is kind of cool to me. Sims will put their dirty clothing in a hamper (I wish people in real life was this obedient) and then there is an option to take them to the washing machine. I have both a washer and dryer in my home, which my mother had commented how state-of-the-art they looked. Yeah, baby! My Sims cheers for the machines, every time she uses it. ;-)

Another cool feature is, that Sims can visit neighbors and the environments are pretty open. For example, I can go outside to my mailbox and clearly see my neighbor’s house across from me. And if my neighbors are walking around inside their home, I can see that through their window. I swear, I’m not a peeping-tom! The neighbors should invest in blinds, is all I’m saying!

My only complaints would be, that the buildings downtown, you can’t see inside of them. So, when your Sim goes in for work or shopping, you’re locked outside and can’t see them. Also, while your Sim is driving, if there is another car in front of it, your Sim’s car will drive over it! That’s just weird, as the other car appears behind your car whole again. It would be best, if you Sim had to wait behind the other car, just like real traffic.

But, the Sims have come very far in it’s realism and programing. I can’t help but wonder what’s next for this very clever game! :-)




  1. Hey this sounds so nice and exciting…no wonder you spend couple hours playing this. Watch out I may try to knock you out briefly to get on ther and play Sims myself, with some of my killer coffee i sadly make even though i try so ard to make it not a semi letal cup of coffee for you. Maybe I can narket my brewed coffee as a new floor cleaner or paint stripper? Of course I am just kidding about the giving you knock out coffee. hehehhhhhhhehe

    • Yep, this why I love the game. So much to do in it. :-p
      And your killer coffee… feh… don’t even want to touch that one. lol.

  2. I was also a Sim addict, but mostly for the Sims 1. I recently got a really sweet computer and finally started to play the sims2 as it was meant to be and not really lame like on my old computer. I asked for the sims 3 for my birthday, but I was so overwhelmed by it that I shut it down and haven’t touched it since. LOL!

    My favorite part of those games is what the sims community made it into. With all the custom content available you can pretty much create any world you want. It’s fun to make up your sims lives, but it’s also very time consuming. Overall great games if you have an hour or 2 or 20 to spare. ;)

    • Yep, it’s best to take the versions of Sims at a time… as weird as that sounds! lol. But, I can see how you would get overwhelmed by jumping from Sims 1 – Sims 3 in a short span of time! :-o
      The changes are HUGE, with each version and expansion. And it takes time to get use to every feature too. I will forever love The Sims 1, because there is so many free custom content. Sims 2 have some free items… but Sims 3, a lot of the content cost money AND it’s limited on items, unless you buy the items/furniture packs. But you’re so right, thehoodedartist… I can lose 20 hours in this game, easily! lol! ;-)

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