Fate, Destiny, Godsend?

August 26, 2010

I thought of this post, thanks to my best friend. I was feeling a lot frustrated one day, because I wish to have more good people in my life, just like my close friend. I had tried to branch out in other forums, being my honest self, though the people were a lot annoyed and a lot mean toward me. I felt so sad and disappointed from that result and had a little fall emotionally from it. Which means, I cried for a while about it and felt sorry for myself. :-p

My best friend was supportive, if not worried about that, stating that I shouldn’t go looking for good people… that good people are “Godsend”. But, I don’t believe in that concept, for the life of me. Though, I was very flattered that he said I was Godsend to him. Typical sweet him! ;-)

It got me thinking, though… I don’t really believe in things like “Fate”, “Godsend”, or “Destiny”… not in the traditional sense, anyways! I believe that we each create our own fates and destinies, by our own choices on the paths in life we decide to walk on. However, what one chooses to do or how a person choose to live, does seal in a set destiny for them. For example, if I decide to live a life of stealing from others, I set my destiny of future criminal actives, dangerous situations, and jail time. But if I choose a life of not harming others, of being law abiding, the outcome of me spending time in jail is very slim. And this is as far as I can believe in destiny.

I do believe that everyone sets their own course in life, due to a series of personal choices. Even the people we meet in life stems from where we choose to be in life, at any given moment, that every path has it’s own cast of characters by default. I have met my best friend, simply on the series of choices that I had made, like joining a particular forum and allowing certain people of that forum into my life. He was a friend of a “friend” and that’s how we had discovered each other. The mutual friend in question became not such a nice person in my life and caused me great pain. Still, in my choice of allowing that person a chance, I found my now best friend.

I’m not trying to discredit the beliefs of my best friend! If he believes that our meeting was that of Divine intervention, it’s his right to. And as far as ideas go, it’s a very nice and sweet one. I do like the sentiment of it… A LOT. Though, in my own scientific mind and self, I just can’t see it that way. Not that he is wrong or that I am wrong. No one can really know who is right or not, as it depends on faith alone, without any solid evidence. ;-)

But personally, I choose to believe that everything happens as a direct result of my own actions, combined with the actions of others, to place two people on the same path of meeting each other. I had originally hesitated in joining the forum. And when I did join it, I had ran across some very horrible people (fair-weathered friends, toxic friends, and emotional blackmailers alike), which caused me to want to close down my account there and leave. But I had decided to give the forum one last shot, which I gave the chance to met my best friend and two other nice women. My decision to stay one last time, before I did finally quit that site, is what put me on the path of meeting him. And this is how I sealed my own fate.

And in leaving the forum, my own choice, I could have cut out many others who were also meant to be in my life also. My actions and inactions will always be the reason for the events and people in my life, good and bad. Nothing rarely happens to me, that wasn’t a direct result of choices I’ve made or failed to make. I know this in my heart of hearts and I feel it strongly.

It’s like the scene from The Matrix:

Morpheus: Do you believe in fate, Neo?
Neo: No.
Morpheus: Why not?
Neo: Because I don’t like the idea that I’m not in control of my life
Morpheus: I know EXACTLY what you mean…

But, this is my personal view on it. Everyone else is more than free to decide what they want to believe in. :-)




  1. You learn something every day…all along i thought his nane was Neil

  2. No, it’s Neo, another word for “New”… as in he was born anew in the real world and apart from The Matrix.

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