Ready, Set, Let’s Go!

August 31, 2010

This is one of my favorite anime movies, from Studio Ghibli. It’s called, “My Neighbor Totoro”! And yes, this one features the characters mentioned in my previous post, the Sootballs. ;-)

It’s a story about two daughters of a professor, who move to the country, and discover the friendly forest spirits nearby. It’s also a story about facing fears and the love of a family. It’s not the most deepest story in the Studio Ghibli collection, but it is a lot of fun! And the voices of the daughters, Satsuki and Mei, are done by Dakota Fanning and her sister-Elle Fanning.

Whenever I’m feeling lonely or sad, this is THE movie that helps me cheer up. I can’t stay frowning, with the huge lovable Totoro discovering rain and umbrellas for the first time. Or Mei chasing around an forest spirit. Or the Sootballs having a meeting in the rafters. Not to mention the wonders of The Cat Bus! :-)

I happen to love a few songs of this movie’s soundtrack: “Stroll”, “Totoro Song”, and “The Wind Forest”.

I guess, I love this movie so much, because it reminds me of the simplicity and innocence of childhood. It’s easy for me to forget my real adult troubles, for a few hours, and to be a child for a moment, as I watch this film. I get excited for Mei, when she first finds the forest spirit in her backyard. And I hold my breath in anticipation, when Satsuki rides the Cat Bus! :-)



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