I’m Not Always Right

September 2, 2010

I’m always the first to tell people, that my opinions and my beliefs are my own, that whether my views are right or wrong is always subjective. In other words, half the people would agree with me and the the other half would believe that I’m out of my frickin’ mind! And I’m okay with both results, even if no one in the world agreed with me or my views. ;-)

I do come across a lot of people who mistake my passion of my views and beliefs, as a drive to be right all the time. Actually, I could care less if I’m right or wrong, as those are just titles to me. I only care about what I think and believe in, what is the truth to me (because all truth is highly subjective and have a level of personal bias to them), and what in good conscience can I live with. At the end of the day, if what I stand for and believe in doesn’t set well with me, then I don’t sleep. So, I often choose what’s in my own heart and think with my own mind, to ensure that I am calm and content within my own space and with myself. I can’t stop to worry about what everyone else in a group is thinking or want me to believe in order to fit in with them.

So, let the record be set… I’m not always right. I’m sometimes a jerk. And I’m sometimes wrong, if not often. But, I have no regrets, because I make my mistakes on my own terms and with my own choices. And if I’m wrong, I’m wrong in my own way, not because I followed the wrong popular mantra in any social fad or group. And this is how I sleep well at nights, knowing that I pick and choose my own battles solely on my own mind and heart.

I have written this post, because I had time to think back on my conflicts in different forums. I don’t write to push ideas on others or to wave the banner of, “My choice is the ONLY choice”. I write to SHARE one person’s view – MY views- with others. And only for the sake of sharing, not to convert! I don’t care enough to convert anyone, at all. So many people are standing on their soap-boxes, preaching their views and beliefs, sharing their rants. On the internet, there are millions of blogs written by every-day people, just like me. I’m just one dot, in the massive sea of soap-boxes. So, I don’t see why so many people had an issue on what one girl has to say or not say. I guess, some people had too much time on their hands and nothing better to do, but to mess with one person’s opinions…

On the other hand,  in these forums of the past, I didn’t like it best when everyone agreed with everything I had wrote. Since I was a little girl, I always knew that those who agreed with EVERYTHING is fake. I don’t trust those types, because it means that they don’t really agree, they are just fishing for something from me. Either it’s physical items or a status within my life (like “BFF”). My true friends don’t agree with every thought I have or everything that I do. :-p

But I don’t mind being wrong, if I am. I don’t mind those, who care about me, pointing out that I’m mistaken. In fact, I’m grateful when they do! Because it means, that I get a chance to correct it and not continue to be foolish or head down the wrong path. Those who are “right” all the time, never get a chance to learn or grow. ;-)




  1. Amen sista sookie Amen!!! It takes a strong woman to stand up and say what you did. Proud of you.

    • Nah. I stand up and say these things all the time. LOL! You’ve yet to read all of my blog. Plenty of rants, like this one, here. ;-)

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