Acceptance And Love

September 8, 2010

The one thing that I can’t stand is discrimination. I do understand that most people are not going to tolerate the same things as everyone else. And I do have my own standards and minor discrimations… for example, I can’t stand close-minded people or those who use the excuse of “it was how I was raised to be!” to wave away discrimination. I may not agree with every lifestyle choice in the world, but then again, I believe in “live and let live!”. If it makes a person happy and it’s not harmful to themselves or others (Not my own ideas on what’s harmful to me or what I find disgusting, by the way. But something that is clearly causing that person a lot of drama and problems in their own lives and the lives of their loved ones. Like drug or alcohol abuse, for example…) , then who am I to really say “boo” to it? I have no rights to judge another based on ignorance or preconceived ideas. And if I do judge, not giving that person a fair chance, then I deserve the same sting of discrimination from someone else. Plain and simple. So, in other words, I may frown and look down on those who are close-minded and discrimatory… and they have the right (as they do use it!) to look down and judge me, for being open-minded and fair with others. :-p

But, I honestly can care less if discriminatory people don’t like me… because, I don’t like them. The feeling is mutual!

Of my race, my gender (I am female, in case you forgot), my religion, and my sexuality, I stand to face discrimination many ways and from all different angles, for the rest of my life. Or until the world become more accepting and loving of differences, which sadly I don’t believe I will see happening, in my lifetime. :-(

I had to terminate a friendship with a girl once, because even though I had knew her for many years and called her friend, I had not known she was racist. One day, she made a very racist joke that made me very upset. She tried to wave away my shock of her statements about a particular race, and then made it worse by saying I shouldn’t be upset because she was not talking about my race. That’s when I decided that I didn’t need to talk with such trash and ended the friendship. And yes, harsh as it sounds, I think all racist people are scum!

To judge a person based on their skin color or on cultural stereotypes alone is RACIST. No matter how much a person tries to pretty it up or claim that “I’m just trying to protect my family from criminals”. It is what it is! You can’t polish a turd! Criminals come in every color and creed. And if a person is really trying to protect their family from criminals, then it should not be classified to one race. They should feel mistrust and judgment for all races, including their own race, as bad things come from HUMANS and not skin color!

Of course, people would like to yell that I’m just a “bleeding-heart liberal”, whatever the hell that means! I was not invited to that secret club, so I don’t consider myself that. I do consider myself as a caring human being, with hippy-like ideas. So if anything, I’m one of those “damn hippies!” that the old-folks and Richard -“I’m not a crook!” – Nixon hated so much. :-p

But, call me what you will. It won’t stop me for feeling this way and going with what my heart tells me about real love. Real love is learning how to accept others for who they are. And if you can’t accept a person for their race, their religion, their sexual orientation, or their creed, then you are the one with the problem. Not them! Because odds are, if a person of a different race, sexual orientation, or creed found you hurt or needing help, they would not judge you for your race, religion, and so on. They would just HELP you, seeing you as a fellow human being! And if you needed a friend to talk to, they wouldn’t turn their backs on you or treat you unfairly.

Many yell that in their religion, it teaches that their God wants them to love others and to “be kind to thy neighbor”. But, how many really put that into practice? There is nothing, in any religious texts that state, “Be kind and loving ONLY toward the people of this religion. For all others, who are not like us, treat them like scum and harass them!” And if there is such a text, then that’s not a religion that I want to be around, because it is an religion that teaches hate and not love. I may not have love and acceptance for racist and discriminatory people, but I also don’t hunt them down and try to harass them. What would that prove, if I did? No need to stoop to their level! :-/

Also… Any idea or judgment on a whole group of people, that’s not based on the content of one’s character, is discrimination! And before a person argues it, how can you learn the content of someone’s character, if you’ve already prejudge them on the stereotypes of the media and of the things a few “others” have claimed of one race, religion, or sexual orientation? If someone spread a nasty rumor about you or assigned a stereotype to you, would a person really know who YOU are, if they came to you with a preconceived idea? Think about it…



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