In Remembrance

September 9, 2010

On September 11th 2001, there was a series of suicide-attacks from an radical group called “al-Qaeda”, launched against the United States. On this quiet and clear morning, these terrorist hijacked four commercial airliners, with the attempt to crash them into different landmarks and to kill as many innocent Americans for their own warped views. Two planes were flown into each of the Twin Towers (The World Trade Center) in New York City, killing many innocent people. Many also died in the collapse of the towers, including rescue workers, when the Towers fell from the structural damage within two hours of the crash.

One plane was flown into the Pentagon, in Arlington, VA., killing many. The fourth plane was to crash into The White House or Capitol Buillding, of Washington DC, but the passengers of that flight got texts and emails  from their loved ones, telling them of the other attacks. Those brave men and women on board, knew that they were going to die and decided to stop the hijackers from meeting the next target. They fought the hijackers and the plane crashed into a field in Shanksville, rural Pennsylvania, instead. No one survived any of the flights, including the terrorists.

By the time it was all done, the death toll was 3,000 souls. :-(

It is a time that no American will ever forget. We all can remember that point of the day, when the Towers were hit, where we were and what we were doing that day. On a day, which should have been just another ordinary and forgettable crisp morning for all of us, it was a start of a nightmare. The hatred and darkness of the 19 hijackers and their fanatic group of al-Qaeda forever changed things for this country and for all Americans. It has left a deep scar, that is still healing, across our great country.

This is why I choose to give, in remembrance of the fallen souls, peace understanding, tolerance, and kindness to all.

Unfortunately, since the attacks, Americans began to turn against other Americans, based on the lies that the terrorists had spread. They had claimed to be Muslim and so now the nation seems divided against a religion that had no parts in this. Muslims and al-Qaeda is not synonymous with each other and people should learn that!

And no, I’m not Muslim or have Muslim friends or family. Not that I would mind having Muslim friends, because religion is religion to me, and the bound of friendship is a gift. And I’m a proud Pagan, for the record! :-

Also, there is a lot of racial lines being drawn, against those who are Middle Eastern decent or Islamic, as if terrorisim is a thing confined only to one race. And many of those being blamed are people who love this country and are upstanding citizens just like anyone else.

Yet people talk of burning the Qu’ran or a Mosque down on 9-11 on a series of sites and forums online, more hatred spreading like wild fire, in order to “honor” the fallen victims! Have people gone mad? How do you honor the victims, by creating more destruction and pain for those who had no influence or took part in the deaths of the victims? Can somebody please explain that to me??? :-(

My view is this… To honor the victims of 9-11 is to NOT turn against each other, with political back-bitting, racial slurs, attacking of religion, discrimination and intolerance, American against American. We DON’T dishonor the victims, by allowing a religion to build a place of peaceful worship close to the Ground Zero site. We DO dishonor the victims, when we don’t place the blame on the rightful monsters who took their lives, the real terrorists of al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups, and we lose focus on what is really the threat to our nation and our people. The focus gets eaten up in a dark cloud of our own fears and ignorance against ourselves, while the REAL terrorist (some are home-grown white Americans too!) slip by unnoticed within the chaos. By spreading hatred toward the wrong parties, we actually say to the victims, “We’re not going to get angry and hunt down your true killers to seek justice… No. We will opt to persecute a scapegoat instead, of innocent people that had NOTHING to do with the events, nor funded it, nor agreed with it. Meanwhile, your real killers can sit back and grin, as that was their plan all along.” We dishonor them by fighting among ourselves and becoming a nation more divided!

So, I choose not to do that on 9-11. I choose to accept those who are real Americans who love this country, who didn’t have anything to do with that horrific day, who are also sadden and was hurt by the loss of life of that day. And I will forever feverishly hope for justice against the REAL terrorists and against al-Qaeda, who had forever change the course of our history and robbed us all of our peace of mind. And in this way, I honor the lost lives and also the heroic sacrifice of the flight that went down in Pennsylvania. Their souls are not lost to me or the pain of their families.

Those men and women went down, not worrying about who was Muslim or not, or hesitated on making the sacrifice in worry that their actions may save people who were not of their own race or religion. They made the sacrifice, not caring a damn about the differences of religion, skin color, politics, where a Mosque would be built, or any of that mindless drivel.

The men and women of United Airlines Flight 93 cared about one thing only… They wanted to save the  innocent lives, of the people on the ground, from the terrorists in the sky! And the passengers of that flight sacrificed themselves, in spite of the fact that the people below them were strangers to them, that the people on the ground lead different lives from each other, and were of different religions and races. The men and women of Flight 93 gave their lives in effort to save the lives of  innocent PEOPLE on the ground, from the mercy of their own hearts and kindness. And I choose to follow Flight 93’s brave example, of remembering that in times of great darkness and grief, religious differences and politics are NOT IMPORTANT! Innocent souls and fighting for the lives of innocent people are!

Thanks for reading and please go in peace, on September 11th. Love is the only way a person can heal, not hatred. :-)


Here is an detailed site about the heroes of Flight 93 and their stories: Flight 93: Forty lives, one destiny


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