Much Ado About Communities

September 13, 2010

Let’s talk about web-communities! :-p

I admit, I am highly bias on this subject and much about this post will be about the downfalls I’ve personally found in many of these web-communities (aka: another rant!). It could be that I didn’t fit in these social sites, got bitter with them, and it’s my own personal problem with each site. But then again, I doubt that as I’ve heard the same complaints from others too. I am not alone in my thoughts and opinions… so we could all just be losers, who didn’t fit in. OR we have something valid to say about these sites.  You’re free to make up your own mind! :-p

Okay, let me start with the current web-community that I am on: FaceBook. To say the least, it sucks! If not for the site’s glitches, security issues, and the whole app-game drama, this site seems to cater to the superficial at best! This is the site where people prove and show (in many pictures) how cool they are and how much fun they are having in life! I could be wrong, but having over one hundred self-centered people on my list and constantly deleting them, only to gain hundred more people to remove again, I’m starting to see an pattern. They get pissed off when I write statuses that is beyond the daily fluff of, “I just bought a cool pair of boots today and now I’m going to go party at a hot club tonight! Watch for pics of me having fun!”. No, and I don’t mean just my usual rantings about the politics of app-games are being snubbed. But, if I put something nice like, “be kind to each other today” or “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”, I get silence… except from for a few people, maybe and sometimes. But when I write something completely flaky like, “I am now enjoying a new browser! Whoo-hoo!”, then everyone have SO much to say. 

Also, most of the “serious” postings seem very bias, if not racist, toward anyone else who are not “one of us” or “OMG! BFF!”. I never was the “Valley” type. So, I only use FaceBook to send private messages to a few people, whom I have known years before joining that site. Also to play two app games, in silence. :-/

MySpace is the pits! It’s a lot like FaceBook, but they also have the weirdos and the perverts there! I had long left that site, after I kept getting harassed by many guys with the same pick up line of, “What happens when my zodiac sign hooks up with yours?” and other more sexually graphic messages of what these guys wish they could do to my body… even though I had NO real picture of myself on there, only of one anime character who was fully dressed! :-o

The site called “Tagged”… well, I don’t even want to go there! It’s an brothel for teens! Lots of teens hardly dressed or naked, soliciting cybersex, webcam sex, or meeting offline for sex. And after so many “flirts” from shirtless (or sometimes nude, altogether) 14 year old boys, I ran the hell out of there! I am not a pedophile! :-/

MyYearBook… there’s something odd about that site… as there are adults there, but they act as bad as the teens, with the idea that adding them to my list means that they are my new “BFF”.  And the people of this site seem to believe that  they know ALL about me, based on a small profile. Some will get hostile and stalk you, if you don’t comply with these ideas!

Twitter… I didn’t get the point of it and I got bored of it! Same for Reddit too! Not that these aren’t good sites, but I got bored of both. : -p

IMVU was pretty nice, but I couldn’t find any adults there to chat with, just and endless sea of teens. I don’t mind teens, in general, but I am an old lady and want to chat about “grown-up” stuff, a lot of time.

Experience-Project… it started off as a very nice and sane place for adults. Children was once not allowed there. And it was a neat place, free of shallowness and full of honestly, lots of friendships to be made there, and lots of support! It was my home, for the longest, where I had enjoyed myself and met my best friend. But, as the rule goes, all good things must come to an end. The site advertised itself into mainstream media and the owners decided to focus more on getting numbers into the site, allowing children and pedophiles in there. Yes, that’s right! Pedophiles were allowed to join and add their own group of “I make love with children and they love me” group, boasting that sexual contact with children is OKAY and that it’s the rest of society that has it wrong. If that wasn’t the worse thing, many snerts and depressive-freaks joined it, harassing all the good members too… and one by one, we all left the site. The only good people left there are a few “die-hards” waiting for the old site to come back, but most are people with major psychological issues. This is the site to join, if you like being depressed or harassed. :-(

GaiaOnline once had it’s good points and sorta still do! It’s was a great place for any anime-lover, full of cool avatars and anime based games. Only thing is, it gotten taken over by spam and mostly teens hang out there. I’m considered OLD there, practically ancient! Heehee. So, I still have an account there, but I don’t log on much anymore. :-p

And there are plenty of independent forums that I have joined, which don’t need mentioning. Either they are full of clique-ish people, who don’t take kindly to “newbies”, or the forums are no longer operational.

I would love to find a NICE and wholesome web-community, other than WordPress. This blogging site is great, but not much way of socialization. I guess this is how this site stays golden. :-p

The sad fact is, with web-communities, it allows PEOPLE to join it, from all across the social-spectrum. A site may start out very good, like Experience-Project did, but then the bad-apples show up and ruin it for everyone. Not that this problem alone doesn’t have an compromise in itself! If only the admins of these web-communities don’t become more focused with the bottom line (of getting more members, quantity over quality,  in order to gain more advertisers) and focused more on enforcing the rules of conduct on those who break them, then maybe these communities would have a fair chance.

I do hope to find a new home someday, a place where the web-admins work to keep the site a good place (or at least TRY to!) for more than just a few years. Until then, I’m just a homeless wanderer in cyberspace…



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  1. Hi.
    I had similar experiences to you and after all we did meet at one site, you left and I wound down my involvement to once in a blue moon.

    I left another site having been really involved behind the scenes because the person who owned it kept doing stuff like messing with peoples posts – adding words to get them banned or just deleting posts and even whole threads that didn’t match their current views. The mods would discuss things openly agree on a plan and then this person would go completely against them!

    I am at several other sites that I use for different purposes I belong to two anime sites and some music ones but I don’t invest a lot emotional in them in the way that both of us did at a certain site anymore.

    At one someone did suggest adding a social networking but to it and I said I run in the opposite direction if you insist I use it or have it so by default people can bug me.

    They key to a good site is a clear idea of who it is for, simple rules overseen frequently by fair minded moderators drawn from its’ community and a zero tolerance approach to cyberbullying and paedophilia.

    Regards Caroline.

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