Ranting And Raving!

September 14, 2010

If you haven’t noticed it by now, I am a rant-and-raver! I have been so for YEARS, since I first discovered my own voice in online forums and sites made specifically for rants and points-of-views. The day I stop ranting is the day that the world becomes more fair to all and have less stupid people in it. No, I’m not saying that people who don’t agree with me are stupid (they may be actually smart, in some cases!). But I mean in the obvious situations where the shoe fits and a person is just stupid. ;-)

I have an obvious problem when people are not treated fairly. So, I will rant on it. I have a problem when web-communities drop the ball on their good members or help spread around shallowness to the world. So, I will rant on it. I have a serious problem with “politics” and the games that politicians play, so I will rant. And I have issues with my past relationships with others, that went terribly wrong, so this is where I come to blow off steam on it.

To be fair (and I know that this is just a broken record), if you don’t like my rants, don’t read them. I don’t mind. You’re free to go and to never return. ;-)

Many have told me that my rants are entertaining. I am flattered and please do enjoy the show! Some have said that my rants were inspirational and helped their lives… What the what??? Well, thanks… but, I worry for you a little. Heehee. A few, in the past, have told me that my rants suck and I should be ashamed of myself for putting such garbage on the internet (Hmm? Are my rants more so garbage than what’s already on the net, like pornographic pictures of Winnie: The Pooh?) and that I really should stop writing… Again, go see “broken record” statement. :-p

But the thing of is (again, broken record), my rants are my rants. I don’t feel better, unless I let it out and click the “publish” button of this blog. And only after that, I feel a little bit better, enough to continue and survive this sometimes crappy world. Basically, any forum or my blog here, it acts like an “pensieve”, for anyone familiar with Harry Potter books. It’s just a place to leave my rants and strong feelings on a subject here, so I can focus better on what really matters in daily my life…. like family and friends. :-)

I believe that everyone should get a blog, in the world, and write whatever crap or rants they want! Yes, you reading this, go ahead! Sign up for a free blog and let your words fly free! And it’s doesn’t matter if you’re wrong or right… it will be your blog and if people don’t like what you have to say, they can NOT READ IT. Simple as that. I don’t like abusive ideas, racism, animal or people abuse, or religious extremist. But there are blogs out there in favor of these ideas!  But, I simply don’t READ them. And if I stumble onto one, by mistake, I stumble away from it quickly (and horrified). But, there’s no point for me to stop and make the effort to leave a angry comment on it. It’s not going to change the person’s view on something or make them take the horrible thing down!

So, if blogs like that have a right to exist and not to be harassed, the same goes for mine. And I’m ranting and raving away here. Whoo! :-o

Well, most of the time. Sometimes, I enjoy writing about the little joys in life too. Hence the peace and love articles, lyrics that I love, and anime-fluff posts. Thanks for reading! ;-)



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