Why Can’t We Dream?

September 22, 2010

There is a reason why I don’t like politics… There is a reason why I didn’t register or vote until the age of 27. I seem to always think that politicians are just liars, power-hungry maniacs, born dictators who don’t care about the will of the people or the voices of the nation… that politicians are all just tricksters, shady business men, trying to rule the world and will say ANYTHING to get elected. This is what I thought. And this is how I feel about it, sometimes. Though, not all politicians are sneaky bastards, but the majority are. :-(

Maybe… I’m just sadden by the fact of the DreamAct bill, a bill to give Hispanic students a chance to become US citizens, wasn’t passed yesterday in the Senate. I wanted the hard-working, every day Americans, to have a chance to put to a vote on their ideas and beliefs on immigration. And I was hoping that this Senate vote would be a fair one, for that chance for “We, the People”, to decide later in mid-term elections… But it seems that there was no fair chance and it seems very suspicious to me. Politicians had added in the DADT bill, along with the DreamAct, for yesterday’s vote as one Defense Bill. For those who don’t know, DADT stands for “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, a long standing military policy, which the Gay Rights groups wanted to see removed. I find it highly suspicious on why these two issues were included into one bill for voting. Neither of them was the same or dealt with the same problems. And in this way, it seemed to assure, that if a Senator voted against one, the other would have to fall too… like an tactic of “killing two birds with one stone”. That doesn’t seem right to me. :-(

I’m all for Gay rights and I am also for the DreamAct. But, I know for a fact that one issue may have more supporters, when the other may not. So, I can’t tell if the bill was rejected because the voters wasn’t for gays being open in the military or if it was because voters were against immigration! And there’s something seriously wrong and sneaky about that! :-o

The vote was close, 56-43, and the suspicious bill needed 60 to pass. And the worse thing is, neither gays or immigrants gets a fair chance! I don’t get to vote on it, in mid-term elections either… I feel like my voice has been ripped away, along with my hopes of a better future for all people. Why can’t I vote on it? Who are these people who are stopping me from saying what I feel about it? Aren’t I an American too? Or am I’m less than one, in their eyes? :-(

No… maybe they are afraid of letting it get into ballot, the American hands, because maybe there are more Americans who would say, “People are people and they have a right to a chance… a chance to get citizenship and a chance to be themselves in the military. Maybe it’s wrong of us to benefit from the spent tuition in college by and military service of illegal aliens, while at the same time not giving them a fair chance to become citizens too. Maybe it’s wrong to deny a soldier’s true sexuality, yet ask of him or her, to lay down their lives for this country and to protect us anyways.”

Has is become that the government now doesn’t trust it’s people, like it’s people do not trust the government. When is this warring of humans against humans, based on religion, sexual orientation, and skin color, going to end? When??? It’s the year 2010 and we’re no further than 1819! So many lines of hated drawn, all over this country… I weep for everyone. :-(

The DreamAct doesn’t benefit criminals, drug cartel, and all of that dumb racist crap that racist scum like to put on ALL Hispanics. In fact, the new law states that if a person have done illegal crimes or broken major laws, the DreamAct is in void to those people. So, who gets a chance with this bill? STUDENTS, law abiding students… young people of colleges and those serving in the military too, who just lack the papers to be legal in the US. Yet they are willing to serve in our US military, protecting us from the real enemies, the terrorists who want to blow up stuff and kill us all! And is there something wrong with letting those who love this country, willing to contribute to it, and willing to fight for us being granted a chance to stay here? Is there a problem with that? Really? :-(

It was just WRONG to add both issues in the same bill. It was wrong and sneaky, somehow. It would have been fair and less sneaky, if each issue stood on their own and voted on at different times, and if the vote was lost under those circumstancs… then it was simply lost. But in this way, I don’t know if those who voted against it was homophobic or just racist! Either way, it’s all bad! I feel cheated! Like a very bad con-game have just been played. And I’m not sure which is the sneaky party behind this scheme, the Democrats or the Republicans. I don’t trust either one! Maybe they’re working together on this… :-/

I’m not saying that all government and the idea of politics should be abolished. Somehow, that extreme idea seems very dangerous to me… not sure why, but I get a bad feeling about a lack of government in any society. But, a lot of these out-dated, hidden agenda, radical nit-wits need to be removed! They don’t speak for the modern population, of today’s generation or the next generation of Americans. Not all of us (actually, most of us) don’t have the old dinosaur ideas of judging people by skin color, over stereotyping one racial group, freaking out whenever there is a gay man or lesbian woman standing next to us, or type casting any one religion. I’m sad to say it, but the younger generation is less retarded about these things, than the older (who are suppose to be wiser) adults. Not to say that there isn’t a few (or more than a few) discriminatory people within my generation too. But, they are a lot less common than in the older generation.

I am ranting because I am highly disappointed. I am sadden with how the Defense Bill was handled. And I’m not sure which issue made things difficult for which issue, the reason for the bill being shot down. Also, there was a third thing added, which I am not sure was the cause of it… of legalizing abortion for a few Military Hospitals. So, I don’t know if the gays in the military sunk the boat or the immigration issue was the one to torpedo it. But if neither was the case, the abortion issue would have done it, for sure! Either way, two sets of dreamers were denied today and hope is lost…. All for political gain, grand-standing, and play. And it’s a good ploy for BOTH parties (Reps and Dems) to benefit from, as both can use this bill and it’s failure as an weapon, to gain votes away from each other in the mid-terms now. :-(

Shouldn’t human beings and civil rights matter more, than politics and fighting over who gets elected? When will the back-bitting and games end? I feel very sad for this country and the people within it. It seems that madness, greed for power, a political warfare have taken over. And we are caught in a firestorm of endless hated and ignorance…


Note: And no, I am not Hispanic or Lesbian, so don’t even go there. I care about ALL people. When you deny the rights of one group of human beings, you really deny the rights of all! We’re all connected. :-/


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