Hello There!

October 4, 2010

It’s October! One of my favorite autumn months, which seems to always bring out the Goth in me. ;-)

This is the month of Halloween (a very fun holiday!) and also the Pagan holiday of Samhain. Again, I will not go into my religious holidays too much, as I never push my religion onto anyone. But for those curious about Samhain, you can read more on it here: Samhain. Only visit the site with an open mind and open heart. :-)

It’s also around this time that I began listening to my collection of Gothic music. I’m not sure if I want to drop names of the bands here, as many of them are obscure and people never know whom I’m talking about anyways. But there are a few that may be familiar, like The Cranes or Abney Park. And I love listening to the dark compositions of Susumu  Hirasawa (Paranoia Agent) and Chris Vrenna (Alice).

This is also the month that my need for horror movies are at an all time high. Old or new, I will watch an marathon of psychological thrillers and monster movies. Gore movies have very little appeal to me, as gore is not scary, but just gross. I find that movies that mess with the mind, causing me to be afraid of looking out windows at night (for fear that I will see something unholy peering back at me) and jumping at shadows, is much more entertaining. Also, I’m kind of addicted to movies about exorcisims… “The power of Christ compels you!”. ;-)

Aside from the spookiness of horror movies and dark music… I do love the energies in the air of this month, the paranormal energies of the spirit world. I do have a belief of the “other-side” (which is Pagan for “heaven”), and I take time to honor my past loved ones. I also enjoy stories of real ghost sightings and paranormal experiences. It is an reflection and reminder that death is not the end, but only the beginning of an existence, outside of this living plane. :-)

So, be ready for many cool, spooky, interesting posts here for the following month. Happy Halloween, everyone! And also, Happy Samhain! :-)



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