Living With Spirits: Part One

October 6, 2010

Okay, many don’t believe in ghosts, spirits, or paranormal phenomenon. That’s fine, I understand. I am a person of science and physical proof, after all. If I had not personally experienced paranormal activities for myself, I wouldn’t believe in it either. For all those who don’t believe, you are free to not read this post at all. It’s okay to be skeptical, but no need to be a jerk and read only to criticize. :-p

I have experienced real paranormal activity and this is my very real account of events, starting from when I was age six. I live in a very old house, that is haunted. Or it once were.  For the last few years, activity hasn’t happened in this old house, or not much of it anyways. My sister did see a “shadow-person” in her room, this summer, but more about that later. ;-)

For now, I should start from the beginning….

I was raised in this house and I’ve lived here for all of my life. Yet, things have been happening in this here, way before I was ever born. I don’t know of these activities, only what my mother has told me of, so I’ll skip that part because it’s hearsay. I didn’t experience any of it and I hate recalling information that I have no experience of. I just want to make clear that paranormal activities was an ongoing thing in this house, way before I ever experienced anything for myself.

My first encounter was age six, along with my little sister who was age four, at the time. My parents had decided to clear out an old closet in our room, that wasn’t used previously and for many years. My birth-father did some repair work within the closet. That’s when my sister began seeing the spirit named, “Gree-gree”. Only thing was, I could see and hear this guy too. But, my sister was the first to spot him, saying, “Hello! What’s your name?” We both heard “Gree-Gree”, but it could have been “Gregory”, as we were little children and it’s so easy for tiny children to misinterpret names.

Now, this could have been the over imagination of two little girls, and what we were experiencing was a shared “imaginary friend”. But, it’s a little too bizarre, in my opinion, to be simply just that. Gree-Gree said things that were funny and things beyond the mental capabilities of an six and four year old. Sometimes, he said things in words that was beyond our comprehension. He was an real adult to us, with a separate personality and complex emotions. We did find it odd that our parents could never see him or hear him, while my sister and I could, but we explained it away with the obvious reason that most little kids have… It was magic and he was magical. ;-)

Then one day, our magical and funny friend named Gree-gree, he began to turn mean. And say disturbing things or threats toward us. He terrorized both me and my sister. My sister and I would often stick together, traveling to the bathroom together, or from room to room of the house, trying to protect each other from this spirit. Our once friend was now a monster toward us. :-(

One night, my oldest brother wouldn’t let my sister walk me to the bathroom. He didn’t like that I was so afraid to travel around the house on my own. I was a frighten six year old, staring up the dark stairs, that lead to a dark hallway, beyond that was the bathroom. My heart raced and I folded my hands in prayer and said, “I’m going to the bathroom now. Please don’t hurt me, Gree-gree.” At this point, my oldest brother exploded into anger, “Gree-gree? Gree-gree?! I’m tired of damn Gree-gree!!!”

My mother laughed and hit him, telling him to calm down. “No!” roared my oldest brother, “How long are they going to be afraid of something that’s not real? How long are they going to have to follow each other to the bathroom!? Gree-gree, get the hell out!” My mother was laughing up a storm, while trying to calm him down too. My sister was confused, looking from my mother’s face to my brother’s, then back again. I stood on the dark stairs, but suddenly, I felt the presence of Gree-gree leaving. I rushed to the bathroom at that moment, feeling safe. My sister and I never saw or heard from Gree-gree again! And to this day, I always believed that it was my oldest brother who scared him away. ;-)

But the hauntings didn’t stop there. It seems this old house were full of different spirits, not just Gree-gree. Many years later, when I became a young adult, we would hear children crying. This would confuse all of us in the house, as we would rush into each other’s room, thinking that someone was upset. My mother would rush into my room, thinking that I was in tears, which I was not. And I would rush into my sister’s room, thinking that she was upset and crying, but it wasn’t her. There were no children living next door in neighbors houses, on either side of us, at the time. There is one teen living next door to us now, but her and her family are new to the neighborhood, since this summer. The crying began 2003 and simply stopped in 2005. We never found out what was the cause of the mysterious crying.

Shortly after the crying ended, we began to hear footsteps climbing the stairs at night. It was alarming, being that there were no men living in the house with us, at this point. But it was an obvious sound of a male, walking up the stairs, with heavy footsteps. We would jump from our beds, thinking it was an prowler, a little frighten but ready to defend ourselves with blunt objects. But no one was ever there. My mother, sister, and I would sometimes get out into the hall and stare at the empty stairwell, as the sound continued to climb up the stairs, with no one visible to cause the noise. The sound would stop at the top of the stairs, but no one was standing there.  We never found out the cause of it and that phenomenon stopped occurring, after a few years.

That’s when my mother decided to look into the history of the house. But, more on that, later. I have more to share, next week. Yes, I’m leaving this as cliff-hanger! Muhahahaha! ;-)



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