Living With Spirits: Part Two

October 12, 2010

This is part two of my previous post (2010/10/06/ – Living With Spirits: Part One), about my personal encounters with paranormal activities. If you are a skeptic of such things, please feel free to NOT READ this one. For everyone else, who are eager to hear the rest of my tale, please continue. ;-)

As I last left it, my mother decided to do some digging into the background of this old house of ours. Turns out that an elderly couple once lived here, way before my mother ever purchased the house. The old woman died of natural causes, not in the house, but in a hospice. The husband, however, was so stricken by grief that he committed suicide in this house. :-o

It may explain some of the activity that has happened thus far, but I’m convinced that more than one entity once occupied this house. Too many different phenomenon have occurred, which makes it hard to believe it could be the doing of just one spirit, as all the events are unique. At this point, we have had the mysterious sounds of children crying and the heavy footsteps up the stairs, which later vanished. But now, something new was happening…

My mother is often forgetful and misplaces items. So, when she had lost her credit card in the house one day, and couldn’t find it, it was nothing out of the ordinary for me or my sister. We helped her look for it, as we always do, expecting to find it in some odd place like always. My sister and I searched for it on the desk and found nothing. Then we went looking through the usual weird places: The bathroom, under the bed in her room, the kitchen/fridge, and in between couch cushions. Nothing. Then my sister noticed the card, sitting in plain sight, on the desk! It was like the card was there all along. We found that highly odd, but dismissed it with some lame of excuse of, “maybe we didn’t look hard enough on the desk.” That was a lie, as my sister and I did look very well on the desk. And it’s not that one had to look hard for it, if the credit card was actually in that spot  – sitting in plain sight, out in the middle of the desk. But we shrugged it off as a coincidence.

However, items vanishing and reappearing (back into the spot they were last seen) began to occur more often. I am very particular about my things, there’s a place for everything and everything is in it’s place. I’m a little OCD about that too, so when something of mine goes missing and I can’t find it, it’s beyond weird! But then my items would reappear later, back into the spot that I knew I had left it, after I’ve went mad and tore apart my room. At first, this would piss me off and I would roar out-loud toward the spirits, “Cut it out, you sneaky bastards!” But then, I realized that the more upset I was about it, the more it happened. So, I began to find the humor in it and would laugh instead, while saying, “Good one. You’ve got me!” Then, the vanishing and reappearing stopped, for me.

Instead, the prankster spirits came up for something new for me! I would walk by a shelf in the dinning room (about one or two feet away from the shelf), and a canned-good would fly off the shelf toward me, just missing contact by inches. Keep in mind, this self is built into the foundation, into the wall, of the dinning room. Hopping up and down in front of the shelf doesn’t sway it or knock items off, I have tried it. I also live near a major highway, so I had thought maybe the vibration of a passing truck had tossed the can. But after waiting to see, as several trucks go by my house every hour, no cans flew. And also, there were no trucks passing, when the flying objects occurred.  There is a huge window in front of the shelf, but I find it laughable that wind could chuck a can, heavy with food inside it, across the room. We do have high winds here, during thunderstorms, but there were no storms outside of the window, at the times that cans were chucked. Nor were there any tornadoes or hurricanes, either. :-p

And it wasn’t just from that shelf that heavy items were thrown toward me. I have had pans, hammers, shoes, bookends, and books themselves fly at me, only missing me by inches. These items flew from other shelves located around the house. And sometimes my cat would be with me, staring wildly at the shelf or the general direction which the flying object came from. It was almost a taunt of, “I could hit you… if I wanted to.” And to that, I always responded with a shrug and, “Whatever, ghosts.” After a while, this also stopped on it’s own, with no explanation.

The last encounter with moving objects, is when a family friend came to visit. I’ll call her “Mrs. P.”, for the sake of this post. Mrs. P. came over to use my mother’s fax machine, and at the time I was sitting at my computer desk downstairs, with a desktop computer. I was enjoying The Sims series, “Making Magic”, but stopped to say hello to her. As she was telling me something (I forget what) about her day, my desk drawer slowly opens in front of her and then closes back. She jumps and points, “Did you see that!?” I shrugged, “Yeah, it happens here.”, as if it was nothing. The spirits were just showing off in front of company, I knew.

But my lack of concern for it just made Mrs. P. more nervous. She quickly faxed off her forms and has never returned a visit back to the house since. She has found our house, “too spooky!” :-o

After that incident, moving objects never occurred again. But of course, something else began… But, I’ll save that for next week. I promise, this is the last cliff-hanger! Muhahahaha! :-p




  1. You’re killing me! I’m dying to know what else has happened. I’ve had some weird experiences myself with the paranormal. No cans flying, but still spooky. I’ll be waiting in anticipation for the next part.

  2. LOL! Sorry! This is the torture that most writers enjoy to do… well, mostly writers of sitcoms. Muhahahaha! But the last part will be posted next week, I promise! :-D

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