A Cursed Town

October 13, 2010

I have once posted about this video game, in another forum. But, I will post about it here, as I do give this particular game my horror-salute! This is one of the most scariest video games, EVER! And keep in mind, I don’t scare easily. :-p

The game is called, “Silent Hill”, which is about a town cursed. By what or how, that remains unclear. There is a background story of the town being built on cursed Native American land. Also, there was a prison built on that land, thereafter. But in the movie, the story is that the town is cursed by the spirit of an abused little girl who once lived there. The real full background story of this game is very obscured. Which only adds to the confusion and horrifying complexity of this game series. The real story could be all three scenarios and something more. :-o

But what is clear, this game starts with a character finding themselves in an abandoned foggy town. In the first game, there was a father and his daughter, who gets into an car accident on the road outside of Silent Hill. He wakes up to find that his daughter is missing and goes looking for her in the eerie town. But, quickly finds out that he’s not alone, as monsters and demons are hidden all over the place. And worse yet, he can’t leave the town to get help, because the roads leading out of the town has disappeared. And in the second Silent Hill, the town grows darker, actually luring victims into it’s hell. A man is lured there, with a letter from his dead wife, claiming that she is alive and well, waiting for him.

This town is full of twisted creatures, like the Puppet Nurse (as seen in the photo above); the Mannequin, which is two feminine human torso and legs, that attack; the Grey Children, faceless childlike monsters, who carry knives and will attack; the Lying Figure, a humanoid like monster, that struggles in a straight-jacket made out of it’s own flesh. It can damage your character’s health greatly, as it spews acid from it’s chest. There are so many more monsters, listed at: List Of Silent Hill Monsters

But, the most frightening of them all is Pyramid Head, a very huge and non-killable demon, who’s sole purpose is to execute you! He carries an impossible huge and long sword, called “The Knife”, and if that weapon connects with your character it means instant death! Game over and you have to start all over again. And because this weapon is so long, standing far away from Pyramid head is never far enough! :-p

He is called Pyramid Head, because of the metal triangular shaped helmet that he wears. He’s extremely fast and his hated knows no bounds. He also attacks and brutally rips apart other female monsters, in this town. So, he is a very demented demon, with an issue against women too. The only way to survive and encounter with Pyramid Head is to RUN!!! And if you can’t run anymore, then you must dodge his sword, in very precisely timed movements… Until he gets tired and then you have time to RUN AWAY some more. :-p

But… if the monsters weren’t terrifying enough, the makers of this game decided to add in a few more goodies. For one, this game is highly gritty and it’s hard to see, due to low lighting and the fog everywhere. As a player, your visibility in the environments are hugely handicapped. In dark areas, you are only equipped a small flashlight, which will only allow you to see a few feet in front of you, making it very difficult for you to spot monsters ahead of time. Also, the developers of this game added in something called, “Noise Effect”. The noise effect acts like a film grain filter, giving the game a constant sense of noise and presence, especially in the dark. So common items, like pipes, walls, and posters can appear as monsters from afar, and vice versa.

You are given a radio, which buzzes every time there is a monster nearby, but the developers mess with the sound of this game, greatly handicapping that sense also. They have added in sounds of heavy breathing, or sounds of faint rustling in dark hallways, making it hard to distinguish monster from sound-effect. And in the “Otherworld” episodes of the game (where a player is transported into the demon dimension of the town), the music is much louder, which makes it harder to hear the radio or sound effects. Also the soundtrack of the game is both eerie and creepy, on it’s own. This makes for a psychological terrifying gaming environment. :-/

There are seven games in the series, on several different consoles (PlayStation, PlayStation2, Playstation3, Sony PSP, Xbox, XBox360, Nintendo Wii, and PC), plus one more to be released soon in 2011, which will bring the total to eight.

I have never made it past Silent Hill 2! And I will not buy any of the others in the series… because I am chicken! I just barely made it past the second one, with my heart intact, as this game causes me to have panic attacks. That’s right, PANIC ATTACKS! No video game, in history, has ever frighten me as much as this series. This is why I respect it. :-)




  1. I’m such a chicken with scary games too. I can hack up monsters or jump around in video games, but if it’s creepy survival horror I can only play for 20 minutes if I’m lucky. There are very few movies that freak me out, but video games are different because you have to decide to go through the door and not just watch a character do it. I find it very stressful so it’s really hard to do. I don’t know how some people play all those games. It’s too scary!

  2. ROTFL! Yep, I was trying to explain that to someone who said to me, “It’s just a game!” Then I offered for them to try it out, wishing them luck! =p

    I can watch the most horrific movies and be fine afterward. A few movies have made me afraid for a night, but no longer than that. Even a few horror survival games, I’m fine with. Resident Evil doesn’t phase me and I even get bored during it’s game play. lol. But, Silent Hill… (shudders)… :-o

    I saw an Pyramid shaped shadow on my wall last night and freaked! No, it wasn’t Pyramid Head… only my coat’s shadow, catching the light from my lamp weirdly! LOL!

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