Living With Spirits: Part Three

October 19, 2010

This is part three (and the last part) of my previous posts, named “Living With Spirits”.  It’s about my personal encounters with paranormal activities. If you are a skeptic of such things, please feel free to skip reading this one, it’s no big deal. For everyone else, please continue. ;-)

My last post left off on my experiences of  moving objects, of objects disappearing, and reappearing. At this point in my story, this phenomenon was no longer happening anymore. The activity had stopped, along with the mysterious children crying, or the invisible male footsteps on the stairs. And all without any explanations. Of course, I am a woman of science, and would gladly like these experiences explained by experts who debunk things first, before jumping to conclusions that it’s ghosts or paranormal activity. But since I don’t have such experts around me (or could pay for one to visit), I’m chalking this up to paranormal phenomenon. :-p

But again, everything had stopped and I was sure whatever it was had left. Then something new happen. I have not experienced this myself, and I hope that I NEVER DO! It would seriously freak me out! :-(

But, my mother, sister, and others visiting this house, have mentioned this “shadow-person”, who wanders the house. They have mistaken the shadow-person for me, as I do wear all black all the time. It’s my quirk, as I love the color, and I’m clinging to my Gothic youth still. However, my family or house visitors would quickly realize that what they were seeing in the moment, was not a real human being, but a shadow in a silhouette of a real person. And by the time one would realize this, the shape would take off, disappearing through walls or items. :-/

The last time this shadow-person was seen, was by my sister, in July. We had a power-outage and my sister grabbed her flashlight. She turned it on and by the window, across the room, a shadow person stood in the beam of the light. It blinked at her for a second, dodged left, and disappeared. My sister said that her reaction was, “Ooooookay.” and she got the hell out of the room quickly. LOL!

Before then, my mother would tell me tales, of how she thought she saw me standing outside of my room. But at the time, I was in a hospital for a week, not at home. She would say, very upset and confused, “I thought it was you, facing the door of your room! But then I realized that you were not here. That’s when the shadow-person would disappear!”

Also, a neighbor had a similar experience too. She thought it was me, coming downstairs to say hello, and was ready to great me with a smile. Then she noticed that it wasn’t an human being and the entity rushed off, “disappearing into the wall mirror”, as she claims. :-/

I have never seen this shadow-person and I think that’s because it would give me a heart-attack if I did! It seems to only reveal itself to those who can handle it. So, hopefully, I will never see it. :-p

Thanks for reading my tales. Whether you believe it or not, it’s up to you. But they are real experiences to me.  And it is because of these experiences, that I do believe that death is not the end of all things. There is so much more in the universe that man does not know of or have the answers to. Until science can conclusively explain on where the soul travels to, after it dies, the paranormal will always be an possible route of explanation. ;-)

As for this old house that I live in, there has been no activity here, besides the sighting of a shadow-person in July. For the most part, the spirits are very quiet and keep to themselves, for the last two years. The house is silent once again. I don’t know what will be next, if anything. But I’m hoping that the silence means it’s the end to all of these strange occurrences. ;-)




  1. Hmm, that’s pretty creepy. Shadow people are actually a pretty common phenomenon. There are paranormal experts that study them specifically. Nobody really knows what they are, but people see them all the time especially in places that are known to be haunted. I think I would sort of like to see one, but I also might freak out. I had several experiences after I moved into my grandpas house. It was the only house that I ever had anything weird happen. It’s a very old house and it’s had a lot of stuff happen including a fire that gutted the place about 10 years ago. It was rebuilt on the inside and that somehow made it more creepy. The creepiest thing that ever happened is as follows. One day I was standing in my room getting ready and from my door I could see into my sisters room. I looked over and I saw a girl with long black hair get up from my sister’s bed and start to walk towards the door then she disappeared. It only lasted a couple of seconds, but it was mega creepy. She looked like my mom when she was a teenager. That used to be her room when she was that age so it kind of made me thing it might be some sort of place memory haunting. It was really weird though. All of us heard our name being called from the living room when we were standing at the sink in the kitchen. It was a female voice and since we were all girls we always thought it was one of us, but it never was. I had terrible dreams for the first few months when I had my bed facing a certain corner in my room. I moved my bed and it stopped, but I always felt like something was in the corner. My sister had someone knock on her door really loud one night and she thought it was me, but no one answered and it was really loud. No one else in the house heard it. If you were standing at the sink in the kitchen, you could hear someone walking behind you from the living room through the kitchen and to the back door. It happened to all of us, but only when we were alone. Everything seemed to stop when my grandfather moved in with us. He died in that house shortly after. Me and my sister moved out a few month later so I don’t really know what it’s like now. My mom lives there still, but is in the process of moving out so I guess the spirits will pass on to someone else now.

  2. Wow! That is very creepy, thehooded! :-o
    But, very awesome in a way too! I’m weird, I don’t mind spirits, as long as they’re not dangerous. Some are mischievous, like spirit that affected your dreams, but I can put up with the trouble makers too. ;-)

    And yep, the part where you saw your teenage-mother leave the room, it’s called “residual haunting”. It’s not a spirit, but a recording of an event in the past. The person recorded can still be alive, in other words. It’s like a burst of energy or emotion that’s left by a person. And it replays itself, over and over again. Why it happens, that’s unknown. Also how and what triggers it is unknown. There are many theories in the Ghost Hunting community about this very subject. Most of the time, people mistake residual haunting for actual spirits, but they’re different.

    Thanks for sharing your story! :-)

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