It Will Be Okay

October 25, 2010

I do realize that I’m not the only one going through personal change and growth, this season. Many others are going through a change also, this autumn. Some changes are good, some aren’t too good, and some changes are just so-so.

I see the changes of my country, as so many people are drawing lines in the political sand. A lot of hatred has taken over people’s hearts, of all races and backgrounds, of different political sides, and within different religions. Not everyone has succumb to the hatred, of trading common sense with fear. But I am aware that the numbers are growing strong, right now, that so many are swept up into the wave of hate and we are divided. It saddens me that the words of my classroom pledge, in front of the American flag every morning in grade-school, is being forgotten. The words of, “One nation, under God, INDIVISIBLE, with Liberty and Justice for ALL”. The word Indivisible means, “not divisible” or unable to be separated… but we are in fact divided. :-(

However, in history’s past, this nation have been divided in civil rights, against race and religion, against gender and creed. This is nothing new for America. And in our rich history, great leaders of peace and kindness – for ALL human beings-, have stepped up and fought for the freedoms of many. Thing were set right and many of us now enjoy the freedoms of today, fought for us by loving souls of the past. I have no reason to believe that this country will not right itself again. And I will continue to pray and voice for the side of freedom, for ALL. Not only for the rich or poor, for my own race, or for my own religion,  but for EVERYONE until peace is established again. It will be okay. :-)

Beyond politics, there are many struggling with personal demons, while trying to map out their lives and trying to make it from day to day. There are so many issues plaguing the hearts of mankind, as everyone is trying to find their own path in this ever changing world. It is never easy, navigating through the battle-lines drawn in life, while trying to find out who you are and what you want in life. Change is never easy, whether it’s good or bad. It’s often scary and overwhelming, at first. But if it is a good change, a choice that gives room for one to grow and to branch out into new things, it always works out for the best in the end. And once you are on top of the mountain, you may wonder why you didn’t make the climb earlier, as the spoils will be great! And yes, I’m speaking from experience. Don’t worry, keep moving forward. It will be okay. :-)

It’s the unspoken law of growth, that you can not get far, without change. Hardly anything ever stays the same. And although it feels more comfortable and safe, things should never stay the same, as a person will stay stagnant in one place for the rest of their lives. We miss so many new opportunities and waste our own potential, when we refuse to change a little something in our lives or compromise a little in the way we view the world. We miss out on the many different friendships, when we wall ourselves off into groups and cliches, refusing to educate ourselves about others and other lifestyles, when we  fear and excluding them. We harm ourselves, when we refuse to move in a different directions in our lives, and to take a risk in experiencing something new.

A baby learns to crawl; a toddler learns to walk.; a small child learns to run; when older, we learn to ride a bike; and an adult learns to drive a car. What would happen, if we didn’t stop there and also learn how to fly within our diverse spirituality? It will be okay. :-)




  1. Okay is good enough and in time it gets better like learning to walk.
    It’s very easy and sadly the stuff of knockabout politics that each side demonizes the other when whatever ideological differences they may have, often they share the same underlying concerns.

  2. You’re quite right, Caroline.
    The new elections are near, in my city and State, for different senators and the like. But in this season, there have been nothing but smear-campaigns against one another. It’s ridiculous! I have no idea which candidate stand for what issue, because these ads have been nothing but rumor-attacks of each other. Most likely, I will not vote this year… :-/

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