Totally Gothic!

October 26, 2010

As a teen, I was part of the sub-culture group, called “Goth”. For those who don’t know, Goth is not a religion, only a fashion statement and lifestyle. The same as “Prep”, “Jock”, “Nerd”, “Thug”, etc. These are titles often given out in high-schools, all over the US, if not the world. It is a little juvenile, sure, to place labels on people and to huddle into our own social groups. But, this is what most teenagers do. :-p

The Goth subculture originated in England, back in the 80’s, and it continued to spread all over the world. It’s the most long lived subculture of the same era and continues to diversify itself. There are so many different styles of Goth, ranging from: Deathrock, Punk, Androgynous, Victorian, Renaissance, and Medieval style attire. Or the combination of all. And Goths have a like for dark/gothic fiction, horror movies, and gothic music.

But beyond the dark makeup and a like for the morbid and the macabre, Goths are basically sensitive and caring people. Of all of those who had bullied me in high-school, and made my life miserable, the attacks were always from a kid (or group of kids) from other subcultures. The Goths were always nice to me, way before I began to identified myself with them. And I’ll always remember their kindness! :-)

To be honest, I didn’t one day wake up and decided to dress in all black, with the velvet bell-shirts, and the dark makeup. No. For the longest, I only knew Goths by the name that they were harshly called in my school, as “Freaks”. And I avoided them, at first, because I thought they were just another group to harass me at school… like everyone else. It wasn’t until a friend of mine (a girl who’s mother knew my mother) mentioned that I would most likely fit in with her Gothic friends. It was the first time that I heard this term and I didn’t know what she meant.

So, I went home and looked it up online. What I found was a subculture that I had only known as “freaks” before and avoided. But then I educated myself about them and found that I liked this social group. That’s when I bought all the Gothic gear and wore the black makeup, calling myself one of them. But when I reached a certain age, I began to put away the velvet shirts and the makeup. Why? Because I felt like I was too old for dressing Goth, at the age of 20, and people were starring… HARD!

But the fact is, I never grew out of being Goth, if there is such a thing! I still wear black, nothing but black, but in average clothing styles. No more velvet. And I did get rid of my black lipstick and eye-liner, for one reason only… because I don’t like makeup to began with! Even “normal” make up, that women wear, I can’t stand it! My face is always clean, with none of that gunk. No offense to make-up wearers! :-p

As for my Gothic attitude, the mantra of: “We don’t smile, because you tell us to. We smile, only if we feel like it!”, it’s still alive within me. I still enjoy and listen to Gothic music. I can’t get enough of horror movies, all year round. I am attracted to and entertained by the macabre still, meaning in fiction and not real life tragedies and events. :-/

But now that I am an adult, I am less concerned with trying to fit within any culture group, like when I was a teen. In other words, I don’t force myself to do one aspect of something that I can’t stand nor agree with (like wearing makeup), in order to prove I belong to a social group. I have a Gothic spirit, but I also have the spirit of a Tree-hugging Hippy, a poetic Beatnik, and hopelessly geeky Nerd. ;-)

But even though I now leave the title of Gothic for the kids, I do have an issue with the new subculture “Emo”, with an passion. Emo is short for “emotional”, which is a subculture that likes to dress in Gothic or Punk styles. Only thing is, this subculture is consistent of highly disturbed individuals who are and WANT TO BE miserable. They often cut themselves and they thrive on misery. They actually get offended or uncomfortable, if you try to suggest anything positive for them or show any kindness toward them. I’m speaking from my experience, obviously, as in my past I did try to hang around two Emos. I could just be bitter about the two individuals, and the subculture could be something different… but I don’t think so. :-p

Either way, this is someone else’s subculture, and (as long as Emo stay away from me and out of my life) I don’t care what Emo do. The main issue I have, are with those who are grossly ill-informed and believe that Goth and Emo are synonymous with each other! That does get me very angry, because it’s the same thing as saying fruit punch and blood is the same thing, so don’t be around fruit punch. Many parents do fear it when a child expresses that they want to be Goth, thinking of “Emo” instead, which makes it very hard for a child to find their own self-expression within a social-group that is harmless. My most gripe with Emo is, they really could have picked their own style, instead of copying off others. The Gothic and Punk community already has to constantly dispel negative rumors about itself, without another bitty group showing up and making things more confusing for everyone. :-/

Then again… many Emo would like this end result, as they get a charge out of the misery of others. In fact, they do try to make everyone around them as miserable as they are! This is why I am not a fan of this subculture and dislike it, with a passion. But the differences between Goth and Emo is very clear, to anyone who is educated in the subcultures. Someone have once explained the differences, in a very cute way… I forget whom. But the quote was, “Goths are like hot Vampires. And Emos are like rotting Zombies. Which one would you like to go to the prom with?” ;-)




  1. Hehe, I’d choose the hot Vampire :P

    I haven’t had many experiences with Emo people, but to me they seem very arrogant.. I used to walk past a place that was occupied by Emos all day long on my way to high school, and they always looked so conceited.. No, I don’t like this subculture as well (or at least not from my experience with it)..
    Being miserable shouldn’t be one’s goal in life..

  2. Yep! I’m not a huge fan of vampires either, except from the Buffy/Angel years… but I would still choose a Vampire over an zombie any day! XD

    Odd, that you found conceited Emos. :-o
    The Emos that I have met were highly clingy and emotionally draining. I would have liked it if they were conceited and kept to themselves. Haha!
    But you’re right…. being miserable shouldn’t be want or goal or lifestyle. It’s an destructive and draining emotion to have. :-(

  3. I don’t see maintaining a state of perpetual misery as being healthy emotionally and while for the most part people are good and will listen to you, there comes a point when you need to take the first step yourself.
    As for the Gothic Fashion hmm you’ve not seen some of my stuff…….

    Regards caroline.

  4. So true, Caroline. :-)
    I wouldn’t have gotten far in m life, I have never taken the first step on my own. I know that for an fact! ;-)

    Hmm, no, I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing you in Gothic gear. I bet you pull it off very well, if not better than I had in my past. :-D

  5. I was hardcore goth for a long time too. I really stopped after I got a real job and had to pretend to be normal. Hee hee. I dressed in nothing but black for years. I still do dress more goth sometimes, but not as much as I used too. I still wear mostly black, although there are a few colors I will wear. They are mostly normal clothes, well as normal as I get. I always wear skirts and dresses so I can never be completely normal. I have a goth soul though and I always feel the most like me when I’m draped in a long black dress with lots of eyeliner and my hair in curls. I sometimes miss college because of my freedom to wear whatever and nobody really cared. Being a working adult is a bit different, but I can still do what I want at home at least. I still wear a lot of eye makeup though. That’s one thing I will never give up.

  6. Ugh, tell me about it, thehooded! Once a person goes in for work, the dress-code always have to change to BLAND. Unless, you happen to get a job at a rave or for a rock band, then the makeup and piercings can stay. lol. ;-)
    But yep, I sorta miss the long black shirts and the striped stockings. But for my hair, it’s still the same way: short, spiky, and dyed smokey red. I’m still rocking the punk/goth do, in defiance. :-p

    But I agree, you still have that Gothic soul! I doubt a person ever loses that, to be honest. You’ll be goth, even when you become an Granny. ;-)

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