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Proud To Be An Misfit

November 29, 2010

I have been called a “misfit” for most of my life. As a kid, it did hurt and it felt like the “kiss of death”, to be labeled as much. But as I got older, I began to see some hardcore truths about the label and about those who are quick to label others that name.

For one thing, many of the coolest things in life were invented or written by “misfits”. Leonardo da Vinci was considered as an odd man, in his time, yet is known today as the one of the world’s most brilliant artist, sculptor, and inventor. Nostradamus would also be classified as a “misfit” in his day, yet is known as one of the most talented and mysterious seers in history. And for modern times, the people who’ve bought us Google, Pixar, and many other entertainment delights and gadgets have been labeled as a “misfit” in their lives. The fact is, many of the coolest technology, art, spiritual predictions, advancement toward peace for mankind, novels, movies, and music were and are still being created by misfits.

So, when a person calls me a “misfit”, I say “thank you”. I’m honored to be considered among the worlds most brilliant and talented minds. Not to mention the most thoughtful and deep souled people, of our history and of the present, are considered misfits. :-)

Also, about those who are quick to call someone a misfit, it’s clear that person is unnerved by the uniqueness of someone. The simple fact,  is that misfits don’t care about the “norm” and who’s normal or not. They usually don’t go around labeling people that are different from them, because misfits usually are too busy minding their own business and living their own lives to care who are living the “norm” or not. The clique-ish types who give these labels in high-school (nerd, misfit, geek, etc) are obviously lacking in their own self-esteem or are threaten somehow of a person not succumbing to the standardized list of what is “normal”. So they feel the need to go out of their way to make fun and harass that “odd” kid of the school, to make themselves feel better.

Unfortunately, some high-school bullies never grow out of their lack of self-esteem and carry it into adult-hood. This is how bitter women and men in their thirties or older still feel a need to label people as “misfits” or deem a person as abnormal, even though high-school is WAY behind them. It’s sad and it does happen. But I can only feel pity for those who still go out of their way to call me a name, because it’s obvious that they need to put me down, in order to feel good about themselves. :-/

Though, the title of “misfit” is not really a put-down anymore and hasn’t been  for a very long time. I grew up and saw the truth of it, by age fifteen, about ten years ago. I gladly take the labels of “odd”, “misfit”, “nerd”, and “weirdo”. Because what these words really mean is that I’m unique and I respond differently than anyone else. I think in different ways and travel life not in a “walk this way only” kind of rule, set up by others. I live life on my own terms, making my own decisions, using my own mind, and I don’t need to keep checking a list of “norm” (or getting a “go” from the crowd) before I do anything. I am FREE, in other words, to learn, grow, share, and be myself. And that’s pretty darn cool, in my opinion. ;-)

So, misfits are awesome! And I rather hang out with the misfits, the nerds, and the weirdos any day. I learn more from them, than I do anyone else, and they help enrich my life. And I’d like to think that I do the same for them in return. I’m happy to be me and I’ll never conform to what the majority thinks “normal” should be. I will sometimes dabble in “normal”, if I choose to or I agree with an “norm”. Like the rule of, “setting people on fire is bad”. :-p

But if I don’t agree with or like some “norm” idea, and it’s just not who I am as a person, then I won’t. I’ve always been that way, ever since I was a little girl, and I’ll die that way too. Hopefully in my old age. :-)

And here is a message, really directed to the readers of the blog… to all those labeled as “misfits”, don’t let it get you down. Be yourself and ignore the grumblings of those around you. As long as you’re not hurting yourself or others, there is nothing wrong with you! You are fine, just the way you are. :-)

And you may be asking, why all the quotations around the word “misfit” and “normal”? To be honest, I believe that the term is out-dated and a person being unique is really key in today’s world. The status quo of the idea of what is ” normal” is a myth and daydream, as it’s always highly subjective for each individual. In other words, the idea of there being only one “norm” falls apart, when not everyone in the room agree with or lives that one idea. Therefore, “normal” is always in the eye of beholder, much like beauty is. ;-)



May It Be

November 26, 2010

This song is by Enya and mostly known from The Lord Of The Rings soundtrack. But I post it as a tribute to my best friend, who is on his on his journey now. I wish him all the luck! :-)

May it be an evening star
Shines down upon you
May it be when darkness falls
Your heart will be true
You walk a lonely road
Oh! How far you are from home

Mornie utúlië (darkness has come)
Believe and you will find your way
Mornie alantië (darkness has fallen)
A promise lives within you now

May it be the shadows call
Will fly away
May it be you journey on
To light the day
When the night is overcome
You may rise to find the sun

Mornie utúlië (darkness has come)
Believe and you will find your way
Mornie alantië (darkness has fallen)
A promise lives within you now

A promise lives within you now



A Matter Of Muse

November 22, 2010

Hello, my readers! I know that not many follow my posts here, from Monday – Friday. And that’s fine. Actually, it makes things a little easier for this new decision of mine…

I do have a few who love to follow my blog daily, which is awesome. One of those few were my best friend, who have left on his journey and will not return until Spring. I miss him A LOT and I wish him all the best in his boot-camp training! :-)

But the thing is, unknowingly to him, he was a muse for all my posts here. Seriously. He use to tell me how awed he was, that I was able to keep up a blog five days a week, never running out of topics to write about. Though, some of my posts were “fillers”, on days that my mind was a blank or too occupied to concentrate on a thought worth really getting into.

But now that he’s away, I have less randomize thoughts to share. The thing is, I would chat with him in private every weekday, for hours on end, in any particular IM (instant message) service. As we often chatted about anything and EVERYTHING under the sun. Also many hours of silliness, long strings of nonsense that ended in “WHAT???” or “QUE????”. But in those talks, a random thought would hit me and I would then exclaim, “Dude! I’m so writing about that for my next blog entry!”. And now that he’s away, I find myself staring at the blank screen of this blog editor thingy, with nothing more on my mind, except the fact that I miss him. And that doesn’t make for a good post. :-p

SO, it seems that I will have to move my butt away from the computer screen, more often. I have to get out and be in the sunlight (Ahhh! It burns! It burns!!!) more often and actually have some kind of a life. I know, it sucks! More for me, than it does for you, as you get to have an long holiday off from my madness showing up in your in-boxes non-stop. Muhahahaha!

It doesn’t mean that I won’t be posting here anymore. It just means that I won’t post as much! At least, for the next six months, anyways. I will post whenever a good random thought comes to mind and I may keep up with Music Fridays, the re-posting of some of my favorite lyrics; which isn’t written by me but by other people, to paraphrase Stewie from “Family Guy”. ;-)

OR, I may start up again if my writer’s block ceases before my best friend returns. Whichever comes first! But, I thought to give my loyal readers an heads-up, as this week is pretty much nil… :-/

But if you’re finding you need a fix, there are plenty of blog posts left here from when I started this blog, way back when, on June 16th 2010. Check out my clumsy typo beginnings and my first bad habits of using the word “an” in the wrong place in a sentence, before my best friend educated me on it. :-p

Thanks for reading! :-)


(Also… a cheat for those really interested in reading all my old posts in order. Just click here for the first post: 2010/06/16 – Hello, then you can click the right-side link on the top of every post.)


99 Luftballoons

November 19, 2010

Today is my birthday (gah!!!), so of course this is the song I choose for this Music Friday. This was one of my favorite songs of my childhood, which as a kid I called it, “The Balloon Song”. But this German song is not really about balloons at all, but a political protest song of the 80’s. It’s real name is, “99 Luftballoons” by the band named Nena. Here’s the German lyrics of the song, which I think is the best one. Somehow, the English version gets so very lost in translation! So feel free to look up the English lyrics on your own, if you want. Enjoy! :-)

Hast du etwas Zeit fur mich dann singe ich ein Lied fur dich von 99 Luftballons auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont
Denkst du vielleicht g’rad an mich dann singe ich ein Lied fur dich von 99 Luftballons
Und dass sowas von sowas kommt 

99 Luftballons auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont hielt man fur Ufo’s aus dem All
Darum schickte ein General Fliegerstaffel hinterher
Alarm zu geben, wenn’s so wär
Dabei war’n da am Horizont nur 99 Luftballons

99 Dusenflieger, Jeder war ein grosser Krieger
Hielten sich fur Captain Kirk
Das gab ein grosses Feuerwerk
Die Nachbarn haben nichts gerafft und fuhlten sich gleich angemacht
Dabei schoss man am Horizont auf 99 Luftballons

99 Kriegsminister, Streichholz und Benzinkanister
Hielten sich fur schlaue Leute
Witterten schon fette Beute
Riefen, “Krieg” und wollten Macht
Mann, wer hatte das gedacht
Dass es einmal soweit kommt wegen 99 Luftballons, wegen 99 Luftballons, 99 Luftballons

99 Jahre Krieg liessen keine Platz fur Sieger
Kriegsminister gibt’s nicht mehr und auch keine Dusenflieger
Heute zieh ich meine Runden
Seh’ die Welt in Trummern liegen
Hab”nen Luftballon gefunden
Denk’ an dich und lass’ ihn fliegen



Love For Balloons!

November 18, 2010

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved balloons! Helium balloons or balloons filled by breath. Big balloons, little balloons, all different shapes and colors. I love them all! :-)

I still have a bizarre wish, of this magical room filled with nothing but balloons! I would love to visit a place like that, with wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling BALLOONS! And toss in a few friends to dance to the song “99 Luftballoons”, then it’s a party! ;-)

I’m not sure why or when my love for balloons began. But when I was a little girl, my mother would buy my sister and I,  a pack of 50 balloons. And we would have so much fun, for the next couple of days. We had first discovered that one could make fart-sounds with the balloons, by holding the end of the balloon (where you blow in the air) on each side, with the index and thumb. But squeezing the opening shut this way, sorta like a crab gesture. Then in stretching the opening and letting the air out slowly, it made a squeaky fart sound. My sister and I laughed and did this for hours!

Then we discovered that filling a balloon up with air and letting it go, without tying the opening, propels a balloon around the room while it makes a rude noise. We had fun ducking and screaming from a runaway balloon, laughing the whole time, for hours! We also discovered that we could fill the balloons with water… but no need to explain that one. :-p

Yes, we also blew up the balloons and tied them off, normally. But after a few minutes of bouncing a regular balloon around the room, we got bored. So, we would get the cats to chase it and cats like to play with their claws! So, there would be a loud “POP!” and the cat would speed away, horrified. My sister and I would laugh and try to get the cat to play with the next one… which it would. So we terrorized the cats with the balloons. :-o

And with the helium balloons, we would siphon the air from them and talk like chipmunks. My sister and I were pretty silly and this was a time before we had video gaming consoles. So the balloons were our entertainment for most of our childhood. Yet, I never grew out of my love for them… or making farts noises with them, whenever I happen to be helping with blowing up balloons for a party. I can’t help it!

Though, it’s always this month and on my birthday that I wish for balloons the most. Last year, I turned age 29 and my family took me out to eat, in a kick-ass restaurant! I enjoyed myself there. But after, we stopped by a store to pick up a few things. In the next check-out counter, three friends who looked to be around my age, had their hands full with huge bunches of helium balloons. They had their children with them and it was obvious that these balloons were for a birthday party. “Aww…” I whined to my sister, “They have balloons!” My sister laughed and shrugged, but I was really envious. I watched, as they paid for the balloons and then left the store, wishing that I could have a huge bunch like that.

Sigh… someday. :-)

And a very Happy Birthday to my best friend in the whole wide world, today! These balloons are for you! GLOMP! :-)



DST Madness!

November 17, 2010

It’s long past the start of autumn’s time-change, I know. But better late than never. Sorry… bad joke. :-p

Daylight Savings Time is annoying and inconvenient at best, especially in the Spring, when it means that many of us gets one hour less for sleep. Many of us don’t understand WHY we have this ritual of turning back the clocks one hour for Fall and turning the clocks ahead one hour for Spring. It does interrupt normal sleeping patterns, causes confusion on appointments and work schedules, and decreases productivity of work, as people have to get use to the time change. So why do we do this and who’s bright idea was Daylight Savings Time?

It was Benjamin Franklin who came up with the idea, while in Paris, 1784. Many were smitten with the idea, at the time, as it was meant to strengthen the economy, by gaining all the sunlight possible in the winter and summer seasons. Winter is the season where the sun hours are so few and summer is the season where sunlight is plenty. The more sunlight used, the more time spent at work and for businesses. Also it’s means the longer that farmers can stay in the fields and grow crops, within a day. It was designed with the economy in mind, but actually there is no evidence to support the idea. In fact, there is data to prove the opposite. :-/

So, why do we still do it? Tradition! And also many people love the longer summer evenings, created by DST. But for us fast-paced, city-folk, it’s a huge inconvenience every season. Some countries and US states don’t use DST and can escape that madness. I happen to live in a State, where we do have DST. And every year, it’s confusing and chaotic for me! In Spring, I’m lacking an hour sleep, which makes me grouchy and sleep deprived. I do adjust, in time, but it takes a couple of weeks for my internal clock to reset itself. Our bodies have an habit of sensing when it’s our sleep time and our rising time, in spite of what time the sun sets or not. You can change a wall clock at will, but the internal clock takes a while to catch up! :-o

Also, I have a lot of international buddies, and a best friend who lives across the US, in another State. So, there are timezones to consider. It’s confusing enough for me to remember timezones as they stand, but when DST happens, it’s even more chaotic. One year I had freaked out, because I thought my friend was late to chat with me, by one hour.  Nope, I was just EARLY by one hour, as I had mixed up with the difference. And times that I believe that my friends in Europe are online, it was suddenly not correct. I’m easily confused, in general, but DST makes my confusion worse. :-p

Arizona, Indiana and Hawaii are the only US States that do not observe Daylight Savings Time. I envy them, as they never have to run forward in the Spring, then run back in the Fall, then back again in this crazy tag-game with time. 6am will stay 6am, all year round for them. And it doesn’t seem to hurt their economy or work production at all. Lucky!!!

Don’t get me wrong, Benjamin Franklin was a very good inventor, idealist, author, printer, politician, postmaster,  civil activist, and one of the  Founding Fathers of the United States of America. Whew! He was a great man that did a lot of great things, that we still benefit from today. But, I believe that DST is not one of his best ideas. He was still human, after all. ;-)



Who’s A Hero?

November 16, 2010

I am a fan of a particular blogger, who writes a lot about his adventures as a Dad. Yes, I’m talking about BloggerDad, if you haven’t heard about him yet. So, I have read another installment of his hilarious take on life and being a parent, last week. But it was a post of  some future wisdom for his son. One of his points were, “Today’s heroes are tomorrow’s disappointments. Have no heroes. Except those which appear in comic books.” I have to say, that one is more true than it is funny! So, thus I began to think up this post. :-p

Since a very young age, I had been looking for role-models, people to look up to. And of course, many of my first role-models were comic books ones. Especially Batman and Superman! Wolverine and Storm came later. And in my early adult life, as for other fictional heroes, there was Xena: Warrior Princess, Vash: The Stampede from the anime “Trigun”, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, and Angel – the vampire that Buffy loved. No mom, not Spike: the vampire, as he was the BAD guy. In spite of his good looks! :-p

But I also had so MANY real-life people that I thought were heroes, growing up. The fact is, people are human and make terrible mistakes. And then the hero image become forever tarnished. It’s a tough thing, to learn that your good guy is also a bad guy, and make horrible mistakes too. I’ve been disappointed time and time again, by “mentors” who were not all that they had appeared to be. I had looked up to men and women, who tried to tell me to stay in school and steer me in the right direction in life… Only, they later showed their true-selves, or made horrible mistakes in my presence. Not little mistakes either. More on the line of infidelity, stealing from the poor, greed, drug abuse, or prostitution. And what’s worse is, many of these “mentors” tried to convince me that the wrong was right! :-/

Too many times, I was like the little boy grabbing the arm of shoeless Joe on the courtroom stairs, “Say it ain’t so, Joe! Say it ain’t so!”. And after too many times of that, I’ve lost my faith in real life heroes, altogether. Fictional heroes (like Superman and Wolverine!), rarely let you down like that. Only if their authors decide to write them in that way. But most of the time, even if Superman suddenly turns evil, it’s because of some red Kryptonite ring that caused him to do bad things and not the control of the man himself. The ring gets knocked away and he’s back to normal and sorry about the wrong doings under the spell. Same old story of heroes, which applies to Frodo and all the rest too. :-p

But in real life, when a person is caught doing something wrong, rarely are they sorry for it and then go back to their hero-like ways. Mostly, they are sorry that they were CAUGHT doing the bad deed. And next time, they will be careful to not get caught doing it again. :-/

So, I try very hard to not look for heroes in my life, or mentors, or anyone to idolize. I try to be my own hero. If I can look myself in the eye in the mirror and be happy with what I see, or to sleep well at nights knowing that I did the right thing that day, that’s all the hero I need. And if I need an outside hero, then I’ll visit the Bat-cave and do a trippy dance with Batman and Robin. Or hit Gollum over the head, while screaming, “Run, Mr. Frodo!” :-p

As for celebrities themselves… that’s a disaster for disappointments. I do admire Bono Vox, of the band U2, a whole lot! So far, more or less, he has kept his nose clean. But, I do remind myself that he is human also. So, I try not to get too attached, as difficult as that is! The guy’s a genius. Also I admire Keanu Reeves, who also keeps himself out of trouble, so far. David Boreanaz, who played as the fictional character that I once idolized- “Angel”, has fallen from my radar a lot lately. He committed infidelity, early this year, which he admitted to and publicly apologized for. It reeks of another “Tiger”, to me. And he also have some lawsuits coming up, for the accusations of sexual harassment in the workplace, which he denies. Say it ain’t so, Joe… :-/

My point is, in a world with less real life super-heroes, the only thing to do is to become a hero yourself. Not for the sake of others, but for yourself. We all need someone to look up to, every now and then. And sometimes it’s not so   feasible to find such a person in real life, because we’re all very flawed human beings. But the real truth of it is, when you do what you feel is right and do the right things, even when it’s not so easy to do (and sometimes it’s hard like hell!), then it’s the same feeling you get all the same. A hero or mentor gives comfort and hope that, in the darkness, light can prevail against all the odds. And it really doesn’t matter if that hope comes from an outside source or from within oneself. Just as long as you have that hope, is all that matters. :-)