A Matter Of Balance

November 4, 2010

The Yin and Yang. It’s a fairly old concept in Chinese philosophy, yet very few understand the meaning of it. It’s a symbol of balance within all life. The white half represents light and the one black dot represents darkness, as there is always a little darkness in all light. And the dark half represents darkness, with the one white dot representing light. Alone, each half would only make an nonsensical shape, but together they make a whole circle. Without each other (light and darkness), the two halves would not be complete.

Yin is the dark half and Yang is the light half. Both also stand for man and woman, Yin is female. Neither Yin nor Yang can exist without each other. And the philosophy is that both forces work together, within all things in life. It is the universal belief that we  cannot have hot without cold, daylight without night, and good without evil. In everything in life, there is an balance.

This subject and symbol came to mind, as I am struggling to find balance in my life, lately. I am doing well, with tossing away bad relationships and growing closer within my good relationships. But for everything else, I’ve yet to make any resolve in. I’m not giving up, but I am struggling to find the balance. I do admit that my life is shaping out better than what it was before, all in the last few years. But, I have a long way to go yet…

I believe archiving balance in one’s life takes a lot of hard work. It’s like building a house, on a desolate piece of land, with only the raw materials and without a guide book. Sure, a person can reach out for help, by asking the help of a seasoned architect. But with life situations, a lot of the work comes from yourself. There is a self-satisfaction with becoming balanced within your spirituality, mental health, inner and outer self. But it’s a constant and ever changing effort.  Once balance is achieved, a person has to work still, to keep it that way. And it is worth all the work! Whenever I feel lost, I do remember the Yin and Yang, seeking and acknowledging the parts in my life that’s unbalanced, so that I may work to balance it. And the more that I do that, the happier and healthier I am. ;-)



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