Love For Balloons!

November 18, 2010

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved balloons! Helium balloons or balloons filled by breath. Big balloons, little balloons, all different shapes and colors. I love them all! :-)

I still have a bizarre wish, of this magical room filled with nothing but balloons! I would love to visit a place like that, with wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling BALLOONS! And toss in a few friends to dance to the song “99 Luftballoons”, then it’s a party! ;-)

I’m not sure why or when my love for balloons began. But when I was a little girl, my mother would buy my sister and I,  a pack of 50 balloons. And we would have so much fun, for the next couple of days. We had first discovered that one could make fart-sounds with the balloons, by holding the end of the balloon (where you blow in the air) on each side, with the index and thumb. But squeezing the opening shut this way, sorta like a crab gesture. Then in stretching the opening and letting the air out slowly, it made a squeaky fart sound. My sister and I laughed and did this for hours!

Then we discovered that filling a balloon up with air and letting it go, without tying the opening, propels a balloon around the room while it makes a rude noise. We had fun ducking and screaming from a runaway balloon, laughing the whole time, for hours! We also discovered that we could fill the balloons with water… but no need to explain that one. :-p

Yes, we also blew up the balloons and tied them off, normally. But after a few minutes of bouncing a regular balloon around the room, we got bored. So, we would get the cats to chase it and cats like to play with their claws! So, there would be a loud “POP!” and the cat would speed away, horrified. My sister and I would laugh and try to get the cat to play with the next one… which it would. So we terrorized the cats with the balloons. :-o

And with the helium balloons, we would siphon the air from them and talk like chipmunks. My sister and I were pretty silly and this was a time before we had video gaming consoles. So the balloons were our entertainment for most of our childhood. Yet, I never grew out of my love for them… or making farts noises with them, whenever I happen to be helping with blowing up balloons for a party. I can’t help it!

Though, it’s always this month and on my birthday that I wish for balloons the most. Last year, I turned age 29 and my family took me out to eat, in a kick-ass restaurant! I enjoyed myself there. But after, we stopped by a store to pick up a few things. In the next check-out counter, three friends who looked to be around my age, had their hands full with huge bunches of helium balloons. They had their children with them and it was obvious that these balloons were for a birthday party. “Aww…” I whined to my sister, “They have balloons!” My sister laughed and shrugged, but I was really envious. I watched, as they paid for the balloons and then left the store, wishing that I could have a huge bunch like that.

Sigh… someday. :-)

And a very Happy Birthday to my best friend in the whole wide world, today! These balloons are for you! GLOMP! :-)



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