A Matter Of Muse

November 22, 2010

Hello, my readers! I know that not many follow my posts here, from Monday – Friday. And that’s fine. Actually, it makes things a little easier for this new decision of mine…

I do have a few who love to follow my blog daily, which is awesome. One of those few were my best friend, who have left on his journey and will not return until Spring. I miss him A LOT and I wish him all the best in his boot-camp training! :-)

But the thing is, unknowingly to him, he was a muse for all my posts here. Seriously. He use to tell me how awed he was, that I was able to keep up a blog five days a week, never running out of topics to write about. Though, some of my posts were “fillers”, on days that my mind was a blank or too occupied to concentrate on a thought worth really getting into.

But now that he’s away, I have less randomize thoughts to share. The thing is, I would chat with him in private every weekday, for hours on end, in any particular IM (instant message) service. As we often chatted about anything and EVERYTHING under the sun. Also many hours of silliness, long strings of nonsense that ended in “WHAT???” or “QUE????”. But in those talks, a random thought would hit me and I would then exclaim, “Dude! I’m so writing about that for my next blog entry!”. And now that he’s away, I find myself staring at the blank screen of this blog editor thingy, with nothing more on my mind, except the fact that I miss him. And that doesn’t make for a good post. :-p

SO, it seems that I will have to move my butt away from the computer screen, more often. I have to get out and be in the sunlight (Ahhh! It burns! It burns!!!) more often and actually have some kind of a life. I know, it sucks! More for me, than it does for you, as you get to have an long holiday off from my madness showing up in your in-boxes non-stop. Muhahahaha!

It doesn’t mean that I won’t be posting here anymore. It just means that I won’t post as much! At least, for the next six months, anyways. I will post whenever a good random thought comes to mind and I may keep up with Music Fridays, the re-posting of some of my favorite lyrics; which isn’t written by me but by other people, to paraphrase Stewie from “Family Guy”. ;-)

OR, I may start up again if my writer’s block ceases before my best friend returns. Whichever comes first! But, I thought to give my loyal readers an heads-up, as this week is pretty much nil… :-/

But if you’re finding you need a fix, there are plenty of blog posts left here from when I started this blog, way back when, on June 16th 2010. Check out my clumsy typo beginnings and my first bad habits of using the word “an” in the wrong place in a sentence, before my best friend educated me on it. :-p

Thanks for reading! :-)


(Also… a cheat for those really interested in reading all my old posts in order. Just click here for the first post: 2010/06/16 – Hello, then you can click the right-side link on the top of every post.)



  1. I can understand that as I sometimes struggle typing out a few entries per month on my blog and your muse is on strike demand more inspiration!
    Anyway type when you ‘have it all in your head’ and if you get out taking a bit of care not to get burnt that’s great for you. No one that reads your blog can honestly want anything else for you.
    Love Caroline.

    • Yep, writing in general can be a struggle, but more so when there is no inspiration. However, my friend was more to me than just an inspiration, he is my joy and comrade, so I guess I’m also not in the “mood” for writing much these days too. BUT, I know me… writing is my passion, so, this too shall pass. ;-)

      Thanks, Caroline. :-)

  2. Well that leaves me some time to catch up on all the blog posts I’ve missed so far ;)
    As I’ve said before, in a message: I’m so happy for you, that you want to get out more! I hope you enjoy it at least a tiny bit, although I guess it’s not that enjoyable at first (at least it wasn’t for me), but maybe as time goes by it gets better and better (again.. that’s how it feels to me..).
    Good luck in everything you’re about to do! :D
    Many hugs

    • Thanks, Julia. :-)

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