Proud To Be An Misfit

November 29, 2010

I have been called a “misfit” for most of my life. As a kid, it did hurt and it felt like the “kiss of death”, to be labeled as much. But as I got older, I began to see some hardcore truths about the label and about those who are quick to label others that name.

For one thing, many of the coolest things in life were invented or written by “misfits”. Leonardo da Vinci was considered as an odd man, in his time, yet is known today as the one of the world’s most brilliant artist, sculptor, and inventor. Nostradamus would also be classified as a “misfit” in his day, yet is known as one of the most talented and mysterious seers in history. And for modern times, the people who’ve bought us Google, Pixar, and many other entertainment delights and gadgets have been labeled as a “misfit” in their lives. The fact is, many of the coolest technology, art, spiritual predictions, advancement toward peace for mankind, novels, movies, and music were and are still being created by misfits.

So, when a person calls me a “misfit”, I say “thank you”. I’m honored to be considered among the worlds most brilliant and talented minds. Not to mention the most thoughtful and deep souled people, of our history and of the present, are considered misfits. :-)

Also, about those who are quick to call someone a misfit, it’s clear that person is unnerved by the uniqueness of someone. The simple fact,  is that misfits don’t care about the “norm” and who’s normal or not. They usually don’t go around labeling people that are different from them, because misfits usually are too busy minding their own business and living their own lives to care who are living the “norm” or not. The clique-ish types who give these labels in high-school (nerd, misfit, geek, etc) are obviously lacking in their own self-esteem or are threaten somehow of a person not succumbing to the standardized list of what is “normal”. So they feel the need to go out of their way to make fun and harass that “odd” kid of the school, to make themselves feel better.

Unfortunately, some high-school bullies never grow out of their lack of self-esteem and carry it into adult-hood. This is how bitter women and men in their thirties or older still feel a need to label people as “misfits” or deem a person as abnormal, even though high-school is WAY behind them. It’s sad and it does happen. But I can only feel pity for those who still go out of their way to call me a name, because it’s obvious that they need to put me down, in order to feel good about themselves. :-/

Though, the title of “misfit” is not really a put-down anymore and hasn’t been  for a very long time. I grew up and saw the truth of it, by age fifteen, about ten years ago. I gladly take the labels of “odd”, “misfit”, “nerd”, and “weirdo”. Because what these words really mean is that I’m unique and I respond differently than anyone else. I think in different ways and travel life not in a “walk this way only” kind of rule, set up by others. I live life on my own terms, making my own decisions, using my own mind, and I don’t need to keep checking a list of “norm” (or getting a “go” from the crowd) before I do anything. I am FREE, in other words, to learn, grow, share, and be myself. And that’s pretty darn cool, in my opinion. ;-)

So, misfits are awesome! And I rather hang out with the misfits, the nerds, and the weirdos any day. I learn more from them, than I do anyone else, and they help enrich my life. And I’d like to think that I do the same for them in return. I’m happy to be me and I’ll never conform to what the majority thinks “normal” should be. I will sometimes dabble in “normal”, if I choose to or I agree with an “norm”. Like the rule of, “setting people on fire is bad”. :-p

But if I don’t agree with or like some “norm” idea, and it’s just not who I am as a person, then I won’t. I’ve always been that way, ever since I was a little girl, and I’ll die that way too. Hopefully in my old age. :-)

And here is a message, really directed to the readers of the blog… to all those labeled as “misfits”, don’t let it get you down. Be yourself and ignore the grumblings of those around you. As long as you’re not hurting yourself or others, there is nothing wrong with you! You are fine, just the way you are. :-)

And you may be asking, why all the quotations around the word “misfit” and “normal”? To be honest, I believe that the term is out-dated and a person being unique is really key in today’s world. The status quo of the idea of what is ” normal” is a myth and daydream, as it’s always highly subjective for each individual. In other words, the idea of there being only one “norm” falls apart, when not everyone in the room agree with or lives that one idea. Therefore, “normal” is always in the eye of beholder, much like beauty is. ;-)




  1. Great post and a lot of what you say rings true with me. What makes me smile is that for years and years, being a geek or a nerd was considered almost like a disease and yet today, fashion trends towards things like geek Chique and it’s cool to be a nerd. It just goes to show that what you say about name calling being a sign of insecurity,and jealousy is so true. To the point that the world has made it cool to be a bit odd. Of course they don’t quite get it do they? being a misfit by wearing ‘Geeky’ clothes, doesn’t work when everyone else in the high street is wearing the same stuff. Maybe original thought is a misfit trait too.. he he

  2. So true, purplecactus! I guess the misfits of the world own the patent on being original… thus making people like us even cooler! ;-)
    Though, I have to say… where the chic-seekers go wrong is that they’re trying too hard to fit into a “mold”, something they see as the next new “fad”, and trying to play in an acceptable role, at the moment. But the secret is, to us nerds and weirdos, we’re not trying to project an image or to fit in with the “in-crowd”… we’re simply being ourselves and living our lives, in our own wacky idealistic ways. In other words, we’re not constantly looking over our shoulders and worrying, “Am I being unique correctly?” We just are! :-p

    I’m sure the nerd-chic will fade, like any other fashionable idiom. HOWEVER, the real nerds and weirdos, the unique people of the world, will always be themselves, even when it becomes “uncool” to be once again. BUT, we won’t care, choosing to be ourselves anyways! ;-)

  3. Ever heard the song “I just wasn’t made for these times” by Brian Wilson from their Pet Sounds album. A lot of he talks about in that song is stuff I think you’d relate to. I sure do!
    Love Caroline.

    • Nope! But, I’m sure to look it up on youtube! I love songs that I can relate too. Makes me smile. :-)

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