Rockin’ Out – Old School Style!

December 6, 2010

Okay, I have recently turned 30, last month. And with an older age, I had  been a little bit worrisome about… well…  turning old. :-p

Long story short, I’ve been turning to the thing that makes me feel youthful, always. Music! And instead of just laying back, staring at my ceiling while wearing my digital headphones (I don’t like those ear-bud thingies), listening to the same current collection of artists on my i-pod, I thought it might be fun to go looking for some of the rock songs I loved as a teen. Like the song “Plowed”, which I had posted those lyrics last week. ;-)

Though… I don’t have a cd for every awesome band of the 90’s, as I was a poor teen. Yes, I was a babysitter for money, sure. But I often used that cash for two things back then:  candy and video games. I only stopped to buy a couple new cds, when there were no good video games I wanted. Most of my collected music of the 90’s were stored on (and I’m not kidding with this) homemade mixed tapes, recordings I made myself, while listening to my favorite radio stations! I bet very few of my younger readers will have a clue on what the hell I’m talking about! :-o

Anyhoo… I still have these audio tapes. Really. But, I no longer have a device to play back these tapes and even if I had, I have been spoiled by digital technology. SO, with not very many 90’s cds to burn into my very own mp3s, I decided to take $12 and buy a handful of my teenage memories on i-Tunes. Great rock hits from artists like:  The Offspring, R.E.M., Soul Asylum, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, Filter, Tonic, Goo Goo Dolls, Tool, Shudder To Think, Bush, and Radiohead. And with a nice line up like this one, now on my i-pod, I am pretty happy.  :-)

Even if I am OLD. :-p

Oh, and don’t be surprised if you began seeing some really “bitchin” lyrics showing up on Music Fridays, later this winter. ;-)




  1. Some days I live for music and today happens to be one of those days, so it’s really cool to read your post. I used to have some amazing mix tapes when I was younger. I had a really great bunch of friends and we would make taapes for each other pretty much every week. They have all gone by the wayside now but those days will live on in my memory forever.

    Not sure if you can put videos in the comments but I’ll give it a go for ya!

    • Neat! :-D
      I live for music too. And wow, it’s pretty cool that you CAN put videos in blog comments. Hmm, I’ve learned something new. And nice choice of song, by the way. ;-)

      Thanks for reading, puplecactus! :-)

  2. Go one decade back and it’s the same with me but then you knew that all along you little rotter! xD!
    I have started to slowly get some tracks I only had on my mix tapes downloading them rather than buying whole cds.
    Funny thing is I’m sure you’d get off on stuff like Ratt, Night Ranger and so on!
    As 90’s acts go, be warned I do have every album by Supergrass and their stuff was contagious.
    Regards Caroline

    • Coolies. :-)

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