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The Renaissance Way

December 8, 2010

I have recently learned of a new term to describe myself as. And I ran across this term in the most ironic way. ;-)

Well, I proudly wear the labels of being a nerd, hippy, random, and goth/rock chick. That’s me in a nutshell. Ooh, yeah… also, I’m nuts too! I think in the many months of writing this blog, I have outlined the basics of who I am, in very confusing and convoluted ways. And I’m so proud of that too. Only my friends can understand why I would be so proud… I think… I hope. :-o

Anyways, I have this known motto of mine (which I totally made up), that life is like an buffet table. Some people choose to stay on one or two spots of the table, getting their favorite things, and getting from the buffet of life what they are comfortable with. And that’s fine. But I, on the other hand, like to sample a little of everything on the table of life and not just stay in my comfort zone. A had only one bad comment on my motto, from one jackass that I once knew,  “Yes, you eat like a pig then.” Whatever, dude… :-/

But my motto is pretty much true to me and my life,  as I’m always trying new things, willing and wanting to learn. And I love it even better if I get a new skill out of something that I’ve experienced. I’ve always been this way, ever since I was age six, believe it or not. I use to drive my parents crazy, with all the many questions that I would ask them. Until they had decided to throw encyclopedias at me and then ignore me. :-p

However, that opened my world of learning how to research for information. Libraries were my second home, and own personal treasure trove, until the internet came along. Then web-searches online became my daily hobby. The fact is, I crave knowledge and can’t get enough of learning something new! I love learning and experiencing new things. :-)

Because of that, I don’t really “fit in” any one social group, except for being a nerd. And my music tastes are all over the map, as well as my interests in books, movies, and hobbies. Sadly, people have mistaken my love of facts and reading, for trying to be a “know-it-all”. Hey, I would LOVE to know everything there is to know, in all of the universe and beyond. But, the fact is, NO ONE on this planet can know everything. It’s impossible! A person would have to live millions of years, before they could know everything there is to know! And even this argument earns me a few dirty looks from people, sometimes. :-/

But, getting to my point… I came across this term “Renaissance”, recently. I know what the world means, in terms of clothing, art, and fairs. But, when applied towards a person, it has it’s own neat meaning. A “renaissance woman” (or man) means a person who is skilled or well-versed in many fields of knowledge, work, etc. In other words, a person who’s overly curious and having learned much. That seems to fit my description and I’m going with it. ;-)

But… What’s nagging me is, that it seems like this title should be given to MOST people of this era. I mean, in the Renaissance age, there were no internet or easy access to trillions of information sites, ready to be discovered in the matter of seconds. And for women of the Renaissance era, free-thinking and a lot of education was prohibited. With such a massive buffet table in the world today, and women’s rights, it seems like there is just SO MUCH to learn, see, and experience out there! Why would anyone just stay with what they know and not try to at least learn a few new things that are happening around them, everyday? Why wouldn’t a person stop for a few minutes and learn something new from reading a news article online… for free… and you don’t have to travel to a newsstand to get it? Or for the less lazy ones (unlike me),  why not travel to that newsstand and pick up a newspaper?

There are so many things in the world to learn about, to explore, to try once. How do you really know you won’t like something or can’t do something, unless you give it a try? Think about it… or at least, try to. :-p

The thing about me is, I try something new at least once, before I write it off as something that I just can’t learn or something I don’t need to experience. Granted, not all learning experiences should be entertained and it could be a bad idea to learn that new thing in life. For example, when I was age 23, I decided that it might be fun to learn how to smoke cigarettes. That’s been a learning experience that I could have done without! I’ve been a chain-smoker for six years, recently quit for over six months now, and I’m still fighting that nicotine monkey on my back. D’oh!!!

But, some learning experiences are very good! I had recently decided to learn Spanish and after the first two lessons, I knew that learning this new language was going to be freakin’ hard! Not as hard as when I tried to learn Japanese, for five years, but still… Even so, I’m keeping up with it and just when I thought nothing was sticking to my brain, my mother puts a box that says, “Leche” in front of me. She asked me what it said, thinking that I would mistake it for a box of soup, like her and my aunt did. Which, it sorta does look like a box of soup-broth, in their defense! I had simply read the box and said, “Milk?”. And she frowned, waving me away, “Aw, that’s right. You know Spanish words now.” Hey, it was a baby word, but it made me feel kinda smart. ;-)

So here’s an assignment for everyone (Yes, I’m giving out assignments now! You will be graded! I’m kidding. No need to follow this advice, if you don’t want to! :-p) – Do something new today, learn something new, or take a class on something that you thought you couldn’t do. Or begin learning something that you’ve had put off, because you only had a slight interest in. You may be surprised! :-)