In The Spirit

December 13, 2010

Well, it’s no secret that I’m Pagan. So, my winter seasonal holiday is Yule, held on the December 21st. And I do celebrate it every year. But I also enjoy Christmas. Not for religious reasons, but for the spirit of it, and the fun of celebration! :-)

My favorite things about Christmas, are the lights, the hope for peace on earth and good will towards all, the Christmas songs, and also my favorite seasonal movie from 1951 named “Scrooge”, staring Alistair Sims. Also I enjoy any production of “The Nutcracker.” :-p

Of decorating a tree, holly and mistletoe, and decorating the doorways, these are nothing new and old traditions of any Pagan. I do love those parts of these winter holidays, but I consider it more of a Pagan ritual than that of Christmas. But what is unique to the holiday of Christmas are the films and so, that I’ve had mentioned before. And it’s nice. I enjoy humming along to the Christmas songs by Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, Burl Ives, and all the rest. And I always swoon at the song, “O’ Holy Night”, because the melody and words are very pretty! I may not believe in the same God or doctrine, but the song is amazing for two reasons. One, it’s an honest testimony to a person’s love and faith in their God. And two, it’s not a song of bickering or judgment, just a universal message of peace toward all and good will. I’m Pagan, yet I can still respect and appreciate it. :-)

And this is why I like Christmas… all separations of religion, race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, political party, etc… it fades away and doesn’t matter for one brief second. On Christmas, there is a cease of fighting, between one human being against the other. Maybe not the whole day, but for a few moments, at least. We’re too busy spending time with each other and enjoying each others company, opening presents, and singing in a carol for that moment. It’s the only holiday that a person can implore decency from another person with a cry of, “But it’s Christmas!”, and it’s suppose to mean something more and bigger than just any other day.

I love the spirit of Christmas and I believe that it should stay the way it is. I know the overly PC (politically correct) crowd would like the word Christmas taken down from use. A Christmas Tree is a Christmas Tree, period! Even though I’m Pagan, I refuse to call a tree an “Holiday Bush”! Not to mention it sounds a little vulgar. :-p

And Christmas is not a bad holiday, so I don’t agree with it being treated as one. Or the suggestion that it should be hidden away, like it’s unclean. I know for a fact that it was once dangerous for a Pagan to openly celebrate our holidays. And there is still a level of secrecy about celebrating them, because Pagans had to hide away their religious believes for so long. So, it’s a step backwards to try and stuff Christmas into the closet also.

It’s true that there are many other holidays this winter. But, I think the real answer is to began sharing those holidays more with the public, along with Christmas. Not opting for the extreme of, “Well, the rest of the holidays seem to be hidden, so we should hide Christmas too!”. Just a thought. ;-)




  1. The annoying about the overtly PC Crowd is they disregard the toleration that people like you and I have toward each others traditions with meaningless expressions like Happy Holidays and events said to take place over Winterval Season imposed whereas we have Holidays for a very real reason. Let’s celebrate what we value!

    • Exactly! It’s one thing to be tolerant, but it’s something altogether different (and opposite) to propose phasing out a religious belief, celebration, or idea. It’s pretty much a case of “throwing the baby out with the bath-water”. :-/
      If the PC crowd want to be so correct, they would propose the celebrations of every winter holiday, instead of just banning the word “Christmas”.

      However… I have been known to use the phrase “Happy Holidays”, out of sheer laziness. Maybe the PC crowd is just lazy and don’t feel like naming all the winter holidays? Either way, I am not going to be lazy this year.

      Happy Yule, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Pancha Ganapati, Happy Yalda, Happy Boxing Day, Happy Eid-al-Adha, Happy Las Posadas, Happy St. Nicholas Day, Happy Bodhi Day, Happy St. Lucia Day, Happy Junkanoo, Happy Hogmanay, and Happy Three Kings Day! ;-)

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