What I’ve Been Up To…

January 5, 2011

Well, you may have been wondering what I’ve been doing, while I’ve been away from this blog. Maybe not! Which wouldn’t surprise me, you blogger leeches! Pfft! But for those who are wondering and those who actually care beyond my writings… :-p

No, I haven’t been curled up in a ball and crying my eyes red. I did that a week ago, thank you very much! HOWEVER, I haven’t had the drive or inspiration to write much. Not for this blog anyways. I mean, I pop in from time to time, with one random thought here and one set of lyrics I like there. But nothing like before. Yet this doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing at all…

I’ve been working on a novel. Shh! Calm down, it’s nothing major, don’t get too excited (enter crickets here). And I only call it that, because the word-count and pages are close to what is considered a standard size for any novel (over 95,000 words). It’s a fiction piece, totally fantasy stuff, and I writing it for my own enjoyment.  Is it a good story? Maybe. Will I try to get it published? Yes. Will it get published? Who knows! But did it bring a smile to my face and kept me entertained for hours on end? You betcha! And that was the whole point in writing it.

Don’t get me wrong… Someday, I would LOVE to become a published and well respected writer, whether it’s books or just plain newspaper articles. I could die happy doing what I love to do best, in a writing career. BUT… for now, I write for the pure joy of it and it’s often a private deal. I really enjoy writing, it’s my passion and it’s what keeps me sane within my insanity. But I’m often shy with sharing with the public. But I’m willing to try, this time, anyways.  :-)

So, there you have it. I’ve been spending my time away in writing a novel, that will most likely never see the light of day (depends on the publishers), and enjoying myself in a fictional world that I had created within my own weird imagination. Spring will be here, before I know it. :-p



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