I’m Still Here!

February 8, 2011

I know that I haven’t posted here in a while, but I’m still alive and kicking. The world hasn’t gotten rid of me yet! =p

I have been working hard to get the attention of publishers, for my fictional book. And also writing a sequel to my first book… there may be a third book written soon, within this writer’s storm that I’ve found myself in. I’m not sure yet. But it would most definitely stop at a trilogy. I don’t enjoy dragging a story out for more than a moment, personally. So, if I feel the need to write a fourth novel, then it would on another topic and with new characters altogether. ;-)

Also, I have been writing another blog lately… but it’s more on my spirituality, and way different than with anything I write here. The Rainpuddle is for my randomize thoughts, likes, rants and raves, and in whatever mood I feel at the time. My spiritual blog is on the topic of Paganism, especially Wicca, and there are no political arguments or rants there.  Yes, I will share it’s link here for a shameless plug and for the curious. But please note that it’s not a requirement to learn about my religious path or to read that blog. And if you don’t have an open mind about different religions, in general, you won’t like this blog! So don’t bother to click the link, if you’re not interested, thanks! And no, you won’t get spiritual “cooties” for checking out the site, a Pagan never tries to convert or believe in converting. So, this site is for the purpose to educate others on what the religion means and for me to express my spiritual side only. The site is: Finding My Light

Besides getting in touch with my spirituality and writing novels, over these winter months, I’m also starting some self-improvement “projects” in my life. I have been tossing the bad people out of my life, over the winter, and making room for more positive people to move in. Also, I’m learning to lean more on my strengths and to speak up for myself, not just sitting there and taking crap from others. The end result is, I feel a lot more well adjusted these days, with less mental and spiritual clutter dragging me down.

But for me, the self-improvement never ends. It’s a project that I am constantly working on, though in certain seasons I seem to work the hardest in trying to achieve a balance in all aspects of my life. And winter has been a firestorm of change for me, which isn’t too shabby. ;-)

Well, that’s all folks, until next time. As always, thanks for reading! :-)




  1. Hey! As interesting to read this blog is, I’d sooner you completed the stuff you’d sooner get done like your stories so I’m cool with you taking a break.
    I’ll give your spirituality based blog a read as I’m interested in that rather than the ranting types of ‘religious’ blogs and sites you often find.
    Take care.
    Regards Caroline

  2. Thanks, Caroline. ;-)
    And yep, my spiritual blog is more on a non-bias or non-ranting side. I have decided to make the blog because I am getting more in touch with my spirituality lately… and my old site for it was outdated and has a lame layout. So out of pure laziness, I didn’t feel like redoing the website and put my love of blogging to work for me. :-D

    Thanks for reading, as always! Hugs!

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