32-Bit Of Fun, part 2!

March 9, 2011

Here’s a second installment of  the video games of my childhood. I couldn’t let the other post rest where it stood, because I didn’t get into my first beloved RPGs and it would be a crime to end it there. So, here’s another trip down memory lane! :-)

Chrono Trigger – (Super Nintendo) –

This main character, Chrono, never seems to have any dialog. Yet he is not lacking of great personality and charm. This was one of the first RPGs (role-playing games), that I had experienced. As in all RPG’s, the main objective of the game is to meet new friends, grow emotionally and spiritually together, face pass demons, and then take down the main evil boss of the game together. Though with Chrono Trigger, the quest takes place with time travel and time-machines.

Legend Of Zelda – (Super Nintendo) –

Honestly, this was a game that got on my last nerves. I would play it for a few rounds, get killed, and then give up. But my sister seemed to have loved it, along with so many others. I do remember the music of this game, along with my agitation for it. But I thought to mention it anyways, for classic-sake. :-)

Ren & Stimpy: Veediots – (Super Nintendo)-

Before the crazy antics of Spongebob and Patrick, there was the duo of a Chihuahua named Ren and a house-cat named Stimpy. And they were quite popular in my time, also their show had a lot more brain-dead comedy than Spongebob could ever hope to have. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not… but just stating facts here. So, many fans had a copy of at least one of their video games, back in the day. I was no exception! I enjoyed this platforming game very much, even though I never made it to it’s ending. “Happy happy, joy joy!” ;-)

Final Fantasy 6 – (Super Nintendo) –

Final Fantasy is a well known brand for RPGs. And it’s rare any game of this massive series to suck, though it has happened a few times. But what makes this particular chapter stand out is it’s Opera House scene, performed by the blonde female character named Celes. Not only does the player have to remember her lines for the opera piece, but they have to make sure to do so in a timely fashion, before the music score moves on with our heroine standing on stage like a fool and speechless. It was a new gaming interaction of it’s time, back in 1994, and remains one of the most unique side-quests within a RPG.

The Adventures Of Mighty Max – (Sega) –

This was a pretty popular British toy, back in the early 90’s, which was created into a cartoon series and video games in order to promote the Mighty Max brand toys. The cartoon series aired from 1993 to 1994 and the plot of the story is that a young preteen boy named Max receives a mysterious package in the mail. He opens it to find a statue of a fowl, with Egyptian Hieroglyphs inscribed on it, claiming him to be the “cap-bearer” of a magical red hat. And hat has the ability to transport Max back in time. From that day on, Max travels in time and solves mysteries of the past, while trying to escape and defeat the monsters that want the power of his hat. This video games is along that plot, but featured the friends of Max, Bea and Felix. I missed out on owning any of the Mighty Max toys, but I did have this video game and also loved the cartoon. :-)

Balloon Fight – (Super Nintendo) –

This was the game that had me hooked at an arcade, when I was just a little girl. I loved it’s music and would laugh, after a few rounds and I’d lose all of my balloons and crash into the water. And then I feed a lot of quarters into the machine. The object of the game is to pop as many balloons on the back of birds, while trying not to get your own balloons popped. It sounds easy enough, but it’s not! I’ve had the pleasure of playing this game again, as an adult, and I suck worse at the game now than I did as a little girl! But… it does have a very catchy tune. ;-)

Shinobi 3: Return Of The Ninja Master (Sega)

This is just one of these games, that was highly addictive, well loved, and often played as a teen. My sister and I were no exceptions to the rule and we’d actually have lightweight arguments over who’s turn it was to play next. This game had it all: Ninjas, throwing-stars, swords and daggers, battles on horses, eyeball covered tentacle monsters, guns and jet-skis! It was easy to forget the objective of the game, which was to hunt down the hero’s arch nemesis and crime syndicate boss, Neo Zeed. =p

Well, thanks for reading the second installment of my teenage summer pastime, of staying indoors and sitting in front of the tv screen! They say that video games can rot a person’s brain, but I haven’t found any scientific evidence to support that claim, thus far. ;-)



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