Waking Up For Spring

March 10, 2011

It’s getting closer to Spring and I’m slowly waking up from my long hibernation away from blogging. So, you may be wondering what I have been doing in this long winter. I know, I’ve already mentioned (about a million times) that I wrote two novels. But that doesn’t account for the whole winter, as it took me three months to write them. And no, I’m not bragging on the speed, but honestly pointing out that I had no life and had spent morning, noon, and night working non-stop on those books. So, what was I doing in between writing books? Of course, it’s totally random! ;-)

Because my city was hit with wave after wave of snow, slush, and ice, it wasn’t idea to go outdoors much. I did break free of my house a few times, to travel out there in all of that frigid mess, but it wasn’t a wanted habit. I need new black boots, because my current ones are finally kaput. :-/

To say the least, I was stuck indoors for months at a time, cabin fever was my best friend, and I found myself playing A LOT of app games on FaceBook. The weather was miserable and I was pretty much miserable too,  stuck in a world of gray and cold. Though, I did enjoy chatting with my few other close pals on FaceBook, so it wasn’t too miserable. :-p

I also got into a buying habit, collecting dvd sets of the tv seasons of the shows “How I Met Your Mother” and “Gilmore Girls”. So, I spent many hours watching them with my sister and laughing like a nut, until the sunrise, sleeping for most of the day and waking by mid-afternoon.

I spent hours listening to music, mainly digging back into the 90’s, revisiting my youth a little. And I plan to keep my word too, for some weeks there will be 90’s lyrics for the “Music Friday” posts here. ;-)

I became more in touch with my spiritual side, a little. Learning more about my religious path and buying new books on the subject. I meditated more and prayed more, during the brutal cold months.

I also began to ask tougher questions of myself, in self-reflection,  trying to figure out what step I needed to take next, on going forward in my life. I aspire to move closer to the place I want and deserve. I still haven’t found the answers on how to reach where I should be, but I am more clear on what and where I want to go in my future. So, that’s something. =p

Now that the weather is changing, SLOWLY, I am stumbling awake from what feels like a long dream, cranky and mumbling, “Coffee!” Hey, I was never a morning-person. But, I’m just warming up. :-)




  1. Spring symbolizes a new beginning. It should also reflect in us and we should see and assess what lacks in our life and try to fill up what is missing. Strengthening your faith and your spiritual side is really a good start. Just keep it up.

    • Thanks, Brad. :-)
      I’m sure to keep it going… in fact, I never know when to quit. ;-)

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