Are You Ready To Rock?

March 31, 2011

I love a lot of music genres, to be honest. Just about anything with a good melody, not-to-bad lyrics, and a nice rhythm is music to my ears. I love Jazz, Celtic, Techno/Trance/Electronic, Indie, World, Blues, Classical, Opera, etc. There are only three kinds of music that I can’t stand… Rap, Country, and Bubble-gum Pop.

For me, today’s rap is too negative and vulgar, this also includes Hip-hop. Country has a twang to it, that irritates me to no end, within it’s music. No, I love the Country accent and I’m a fan of Reba herself, but the music makes my skin crawl. And what I call “bubble-gum” Pop is the sugary-sweet kind, that’s obviously for the kids. Sorry, Justin Bieber. :-p

But what really gets me going is pure unadulterated Rock! Be it Grunge, Metal, Classic, Industrial, Punk, and so on. There is something within the screaming guitars and sometimes screaming lyrics that is very primal to me. Rock is the music that I turn to when I’m happy and excited about anything. Or when I’m just having a very lazy day, lounging in my bed and looking up at my ceiling, mouthing the words to any given rock song. Or when I’m very sad and lost, the moody rock songs (especially the ones of Nirvana or Linkin Park) is what helps me make it through.

I even dream in Rock music, as my dreams are always musically scored. Sometimes, it’s soft music like Celtic or a haunting Aria (Opera). But most times it’s Rock. And I’ve had many dreams of me standing on a stage with some of my favorite Rock Legends, playing the lead guitar! Though, in reality, I suck at any instrument, especially the electric guitar.

I once had a friend, who was in a rock band, and she let me try out her guitar. I guess she saw me eying the thing a little too hard, as I was waiting for her to get ready for the movie she was dragging me to. Then she says, “Go ahead, try it out.”, plugging up the amp and I grab that sweet jet-black ax like I had won gold! I sat on her bed with it and hit the first chord… awful! I didn’t know what I was doing! I kept playing anyways, my fingers going numb after the first five minutes, because I was not use to the strings yet. It was a garbled mess and sounded like dying cats. She tried to give me some pointers, which I ignored, because I wanted to get a nice sound from the thing on my own. It never happened. So, I learned that I’ll never be a rock-star that day, but I had so much fun! :-)

All and all, I am a rock-chick, and I will die one. When I’m a old grandma, it won’t be uncommon for the neighbors to hear Metallica blasting from my tiny house with the white picket fence, an old woman shouting, “Whoo!” from within.  And I’m sure the community will complain and run me out of town too! :-p

Rock on! ;-)




  1. The things that concern in Hiphop are the casual sexism, misogyny and bad language without cintextual justification. And don’t start me on all that S&M dance moves some artists insist on doing in shows often seen by pre-teen audiences.

    • True! But to each his or her own. :-)
      Hip hop and rap has never appealed to me much, only the old stuff in the late 80’s – early 90’s. But once I got a taste of Rock, it’s been my heart and soul ever since. ;-)

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