My Ninja Way

April 4, 2011

I am a slight fan of the anime and manga called “Naruto”. It’s about a little boy named Naruto, who lives within a ninja world and wishes to become leader of his village someday. It’s a very kiddie anime, different from my usual tastes of very serious and more complicated anime. But, it is fun to watch and read, when I need to take a break from the real stuff. ;-)

But, I do relate to the serious themes peppered within this anime… Loyalty, Courage, and Perseverance.  I understand Naruto and his comrade Gaara. Both lived similar lives, of being seen as monsters by everyone else in their respective villages, isolated and ignored. They have both been in the darkness and alone, just yearning for friendship and family, to be loved, accepted, and acknowledged. I understand and have lived through that kind of darkness, all of my life. This is what draws me to the anime the most.

But much like Naruto, I don’t give in to the darkness for very long. I do stand up again, on wobbly legs, and try to reach my dream of having a real friendships, love, and acceptance in my life. I’ve always been a warrior, so I do have my own Ninja Way. :-)

I never go back on my word. If I say I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it! Only when I say, “I don’t know” or “I’ll try”, it’s not a promise and I may not follow through. But if I say definitely, “I will do this!”, it means that it’s going to happen one way or the other. It may take some time, but I never give up until I reach my goal! That is my Ninja Way!

I never leave my friends behind. They may leave me and never return. Or turn on me, stabbing me too many times, and then I’m forced to let go. But, I never leave them and if they should choose to make amends and set things right, my door is always open. Though… people who use friendship as a means to their own ends, or in their foolish attempts to gain more power by using people as pawns in their games, rarely do come back. But, I do not use friendships or people in this way, NEVER. My bonds with another always mean a great deal to me and I never take it lightly. True comrades in life do not happen often or easily, and it’s nothing to take for granted. I never take my friends for granted. That is my Ninja Way!

I may stumble, break down, and fall to pieces when life gets unbelievably cruel or unfair. I may curl up into a ball of tears, lock myself away in darkness, writhe in the pain for a while. But, the one thing about me is, I never stay there forever. I get back up and I try again! I never quit. That is my Ninja Way!

The life of the Shinobi can get a lot lonely at times. It’s tough when you have to constantly fight within life, to watch one’s own back, to come across so many obstacles. I am in no shortage of obstacles and pain. However, sometimes even the most harden warrior can find comfort and peace within a good friend. Gaara was once very lost in the darkness, until he found a friend within Naruto, and he became a better young man for it.

Love can heal all wounds. I hope to find that someday. :-)



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