Who’s OLD?

April 12, 2011

Ever since I turned 30, last autumn, I have been a lot conscientious about my age.  I was so worried about gaining wrinkles or seeing that first grey hair, but I have neither yet. I can hear the grumblings of everyone in the world, much older than me, yelling, “Gah! I wish I was your age, knock it off!!!” I do know that I’m worried about nothing and I’m being silly.

Only, I have the mind of a teen and it was very traumatic to celebrate my 30th birthday last year. It took me by surprise, believe it or not, to realize that I was no longer in my 20’s and there’s so much I haven’t achieved in life yet. I had a long list of things I wanted for my life by the age of 30, yet I procrastinated and thought I had time… Where did the time go??? :-o

Anyhoo, I was worried about my outward appearance changing, that I didn’t even bother to think about my inner self or my body aging. Over the winter, I found out that I have an issue with high blood pressure. It’s not too serious and not anything that can’t be fixed with a proper diet and exercise. But it was a real wake up call that I have to start eating right and not continue with my usual daily meals from take-out restaurants, a greasy and high fat diet that I had started since my teens.  So, I need less of that and more home cooked salt-free meals. ;-)

But… more recently, I have noticed that a lot of foods I had once enjoyed doesn’t sit well with my system anymore. In fact, it makes me downright sick and will keep me in bed for days. I’ve been trying to find alternatives to my snacking and re-discovered my love for cereal. But even that has changed too. I use to love the sugary stuff, but somehow it seems too sweet and disgusting. And so, one night I was snacking on a bowl of Shredded Wheat, thinking, “Nom, nom, nom! This cereal is SO good!” Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, as I shouted out to my sister, “Oh, my god!!! I’m OLD!!!” :-o

Let me explain, as a kid and teen, I hated Shredded Wheat with a passion. But my mother raised us in the old fashioned way of, “if you don’t eat it, then you won’t have anything to eat.”, before today’s children became spoiled and are allowed to choose all of their meals.  So, in order to get through a bowl of Wheat, I often pretended that I was a horse and eating hay. Don’t laugh, because it worked! This imagination got me through a lot of “yucky” foods growing up, which included broccoli, by pretending they were trees and I was a fearsome giant. Though, now I adore broccoli on my plate, no pretense needed. :-p

But, I seem to like and appreciate whole grain cereals nowadays. I can’t even look at the sugary cereal box, without gagging! It seems my diet and tastes have gotten older, all on it’s own.

As for my maturity, that’s still growing… I’m not the most mature person in the world, I still enjoy my rock music, video games, and anime. I fall asleep with my Kakashi (anime character) plushie in my arms, every night. But I do know that sooner or later I’m going to get OLD. And guess what… I don’t think I will mind it, at all. I’m looking forward to it! :-)

The world does put much emphasis on being young or new, but the truth is, being young is so full of drama and struggles. There’s a lot of “firsts”, rites of passage that are so harsh, and too much trying to find where one fits in the world. It’s a ball of stress being young, in other words. Life seems to get calmer, when one becomes older, a lot less heartache or worries. Not to say that older people don’t have their own problems, issues, or drama… But they don’t have the pressures that are put on the young these days. The whole finding a mate, getting married, finding a house that’s not dilapidated but in a nice price range, having children, paying the mortgage and so on.  Not only that, but the pressures to keep up with one’s weight, current social situations and fads, and fighting off the droves of opinionated peers who’d like to throw in their two cents on how you should live or raise said children. The elderly have already been there, done that, and moved on, free to live out their golden years doing whatever the hell they want to.

So, of course I look forward to those years. And… if I’m lucky, when I reach it, I’ll be a lot more wiser than I am now. :-)



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